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Dozens of dads: Which type do you have?

FARGO — There are 120 crayon colors, more than 440 known species of sharks and approximately 500 brands of whiskey in the world.

But there are infinite kinds of dads.

Some are short, some are tall, some are young, some are old. Some like sports, others like art. Some are handy, some are smart.

No matter what kind of dad you're celebrating this Father's Day, let them know their unique quirks have made a difference in your life.

What type of dad are you celebrating?

Safety Dad

(aka Helicopter Dad)

This dad is always talking and thinking about your safety.

"Check your tire pressure, sweetie."

"Are you wearing safety glasses?"

"Don't forget to look both ways, son."

"Are you carrying pepper spray?"

Though he may be a little overprotective at times, he's been known to prevent trouble before it happens. (Whew, that was close.)

Still-A-Kid Dad

With this kind of dad, you often find yourself wondering who's more mature. His jokes, hobbies and interests often match up with yours. There's no doubt that his high-energy personality always makes life just a tad more fun — OK, maybe too fun.

All-Work-No-Play Dad

(aka Pusher Dad)

While he means well by it, he's the dad who has always cared about your grades, work promotions and reputation — often times more than you do. He's always pushing you to do better and be a better person. Though it can be thoroughly exhausting to please him at times, you have him to thank for much of your success.

Handyman Dad

(aka Mr. Fix It)

He's the dad all your friends wish they had — the one they reach out to when their car breaks down, advice on their latest Pinterest project or when they're in the midst of a home emergency. Throughout the years, he has done a phenomenal job of convincing you there's nothing he can't fix.

Accident-Prone Dad

This dad is quite the opposite of Handyman Dad. While he may tremble at the thought of power tools, he has some pretty wicked scars and incredibly amusing stories. He's usually the butt of the jokes and he takes them with a smile.

Proud Papa

It seems everywhere he goes, he's busy telling the world about you and all of your accomplishments. Strangers are no exception. No matter how embarrassing it may be, you can't help but admit that your achievements are also his and raising you is one of the top success stories on his list.

Intimidating Dad

(aka Cleaning-My-Gun Dad, or Don't-Bring-Home-a-Boy Dad)

Everywhere you go, this dad acts as your bodyguard. When you were younger, he wanted to know what time you'd be home so he could wait up. You could only fathom the idea of bringing a boy home and there's no way you'd dare to ask permission for a date. He's your protector at his core and you'll always be his little girl or baby boy.

Life Coach Dad

This dad lives by the motto: "There's a lesson for everything." While he does try to warn you before you make the mistake, he's more than happy to reiterate the lesson at hand once you've found yourself in said predicament. Just when you thought you could wallow in your sorrows, dad swoops in to educate and reflect on what to do next time. His wisdom becomes yours.

Distant Dad

He can't stretch out his arms for the life of him. It's not that he doesn't love you, it's just that a part of his manhood may be sacrificed if he gives up that hug. But you've spent your lifetime cueing in on his way to show love, whether it's recognizing your hard work, praising your success or grinning with pride.

Sappy Dad

This emotionally-aware dad can't help but break down at your graduation, wedding and — yes — even when you come home to visit. Basically, he's a total softie, which makes for fantastic conversation about life. He weeps at everything... but you wouldn't want it any other way.

Nostalgic Dad

He's the dad who spends most of his time making sure you'll know his stories when he's gone — the man he was in college, how he picked up your mom and the hell he raised in his hometown. Though you may have to work to keep him in the present, you're happy for the opportunity to get to know his past.

Stand-In Dad

(aka Dad-That-Doesn't-Get-Near-Enough-Credit)

The stand-in dad is a special type of dad. He comes in a variety of sizes, shapes and ages. He is the man who stepped in as a dad, granddad or guardian throughout your lifetime. Whether he's a mentor, family friend, friend's dad or a stranger, he went out of his way to make a difference in your life.

Cheers to all the dads in the world — even with all those quirks we've learned to love.

Alexandra Floersch

Alexandra Floersch has worked for Forum Communications since February 2015. She is a content producer and photographer who enjoys writing about finance, fashion and home.

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