BAYPORT, Minn. -- A young black bear spotted wandering around Bayport in far eastern Minnesota along the St. Croix River charged at a man and his dog getting within about 15 yards before they escaped.

Bayport police say the bear was spotted several times Tuesday morning in and around the river.

Residents of Stillwater and Stillwater Township have also reported seeing bears in their yards, said Harland Hiemstra, a spokesman for the Minnesota Department of Natural Resources.

Black bears are not known to be aggressive, and it is likely the bears eventually will leave for a more rural area, Hiemstra said.

“It is not uncommon for there to be bear sightings in late spring and early summer,” Hiemstra said. “They are often adolescents, and just like any kind of adolescents, they are figuring things out, and so they’re hanging out where they shouldn’t be hanging out. It’s best if people give them space and leave them alone, and then they generally will find their way back to a more appropriate setting.”