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Park Rapids lumber mill catches fire

Firefighters from both the Park Rapids Fire Department and the Nevis Fire Department worked to put out the fire. (Nicole Vik/Enterprise)1 / 3
Nevis Fire Chief, Jermey Clemen; Park Rapids Fire Chief, Donn Hoffman and owner, Jon Cordahl stand surveying the damage following the fire. (Nicole Vik/Enterprise) 2 / 3
The Park Rapids Fire Department responded to the fire at a lumber mill Wednesday afternoon, receiving mutual aid from Nevis Fire Department. (Nicole Vik/Enterprise)3 / 3

The Park Rapids Fire Department responded to a fire Wednesday afternoon at A&C Lumber Inc., owned by Jon Cordahl, located on County Road 18, just east of County Road 4.

The PRFD received mutual aid from the Nevis Fire Department, the Hubbard County Sheriff's Department and Hubbard First Response and Rescue. DNR Forestry also responded to the scene.

There were no injuries sustained in the incident, but there was significant property damage as well as damage to some equipment.

According to Assistant Fire Chief Terry Long, the call was received at approximately 4:30 p.m., shortly after the fire started at the lumber mill.

Long speculated that the fire began around the power unit for the sawmill.

"I expected it to be much worse than it was. When I first saw the smoke I thought it could be an all-day ordeal. There's a lot of fuel out there," Long said, referring to the logs and lumber surrounding the structure that caught fire. "But we responded fairly quickly and we called in Nevis for mutual aid."

Long explained that the PRFD is lucky to have enough firefighters living within a short distance to the fire hall, which he attributed to their quick response time.

On scene, PRFD had one engine, a 6x6 Grass Rig and two water tender (tanker) trucks.

The firefighters pulled excess water from the Boulder Lake public access to extinguish the flames.

"We ran quite a bit of hose to get back there," Long explained. "We hit it with a lot of water right away to slow the spread and we got it extinguished relatively quickly."