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Enterprise columnist to represent state's walleye anglers at DNR roundtable

Outdoors writer and fishing enthusiast Gary Korsgaden will speak Friday, Jan. 6 at the Minnesota Department of Natural Resources roundtable in Minneapolis.

Korsgaden was selected to speak to the over 400 invited attendees, including the governor,

state senators and representatives, lake groups, statewide fishing groups, and all levels of the DNR from the commissioner down.

Korsgaden's presentation will be on Minnesota's state fish, the walleye. He'll be discussing socially what has changed with today's anglers, the future and what the citizens walleye work group has been working and focusing on. This includes slot limits, bag limits, stocking and impacts special interest groups have on management for the state's walleye fishery.

Korsgaden said he is proud to be the first person from the Park Rapids area asked to speak to the roundtable. The title of his talk, "Biological Success Based on Social Acceptance," will deal with what the walleye specie group for the state and the area is all about.

A number of media outlets, including television, radio and print will be covering the roundtable again this year.