Nevis elects a new mayor


Running unopposed, Jarod Senger received 94.05 percent (158) of votes to be elected as the new mayor of Nevis; there were 10 write-ins. Senger will be serving his first two-year term as mayor.

Senger's wife, Molly, is originally from Nevis. They moved back to Nevis four years ago from Grand Forks, N.D. They have eight children.
"The kids are my biggest motivating factor for wanting to participate in city government as Nevis is a great city with a lot of wonderful residents," Senger said. "My wife and I wanted our kids to have all of the opportunities that are only possible in a town like Nevis. The lakes, outdoors, sports, good schools and safety as opposed to a larger city."
Senger said that running for mayor is his way of trying to give something back to the community which provides so much for his family, while relying on his experience with management, budgets and planning.
"My intention with this new role is to work with all involved in city government to ensure the continued development of strong relationships, safety and the control of expenses," he said.

Kelly Poole, who had previously been appointed to serve the remaining term of 2016, was re-elected to serve his first four-year term with 94.80 percent (164) of votes. There were nine write-ins.

Jeanne Thompson was also appointed by the council this past fall to fill a position until the end of 2016. Thompson was elected to fill the remaining two years of a four-year term. She received 99.38 percent (159) of votes, with one write-in.

Nevis School Board

In a special election for school board member, Jeannette Dudley ran unopposed, receiving 99.21 percent (1258) of the vote.

There was a total of 10 write-ins.

With three spots open on the Nevis School Board, both Justin Isaacson and Larry Smith were re-elected to the board. Isaacson received 26.59 percent (869) of votes and Smith was re-elected with 25.24 percent (825) of votes.

Current Chairperson Ed Becker was not re-elected. He received 23.35 percent (763) of votes, while new school board member Maggie Stacey won the third seat with 24.17 percent (790) of votes.There were a total of 21 write-ins.

Stacey and her husband, Jeff, have been residents of Hubbard County for 12 years. They have four children, two of which attend Nevis School. She is currently employed at CHI St. Joseph's Health in Park Rapids and she also manages her husband's business, Jeff's Professional Tree Service.
"As a parent of four children, I have a personal interest to run for Nevis School Board. I feel the Nevis School system is one of the finest schools in the area," Stacey said. "My husband and I moved into the school district to ensure that our children were afforded a quality education, which we both feel Nevis provides. Being a member of the Nevis School Board gives me the opportunity to continue to preserve our school and continue to improve the quality of education provided."
As a new school board member Stacey looks to continue to fulfill the mission statement,
"To provide an educational environment which emphasizes independent learning as a lifelong process of challenges. Learners must become critical thinkers, develops positive self-esteem, reach their maximum potential, adapt to a changing world, and become responsible citizens."
"I would like to take this opportunity to thank the voters of Nevis Public School ISD 308 for their votes," Stacey wrote in a statement. "I am honored to serve as a member of the Nevis School Board."