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Woman jumps into Minnesota lake to help save duck hunters in dramatic rescue

A group of duck hunters has a west central Minnesota woman to thank for a dramatic rescue over the weekend.

Erin Houselog was hunting with her fiancé, when they heard yells for help near Christopherson Lake, which is southeast of Rothsay.

A party of five hunters were in a duck boat that overturned on the lake, no one was wearing a lifejacket.

So, Houselog and her fiancé found lifejackets near shore, and swam them out to the hunters.

"Stripped off all my hunting stuff, down to just leggings and a sports bra. Grabbed life-jackets, and decided I needed to swim those out to them, started swimming across the lake, 25-30 minutes to get out to them, for everything that went wrong, a lot of things went right," Houselog said.