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Multiple drugs, loaded guns seized in north Fargo bust shows what cops are up against, police chief says

The Fargo Police Department has seized five guns, $1,800 in cash and several thousand dollars worth of illegal drugs - including heroin, fentanyl and methamphetamine - from an apartment in the Roosevelt neighborhood on the city's north side, police said.Officers raided the home Monday night and arrested suspected drug dealer John Iten, said Lt. Shannon Ruziska, who’s in charge of narcotics investigations.

Iten’s 1-year-old child was found in the home and was taken into protective custody, Ruziska said.

Iten, 23, was being held Tuesday at the Cass County Jail on suspicion of a slew of felony drug crimes, as well as child neglect. He has not yet appeared in court, and his bail has not been set, jail staff said.

The drugs seized were displayed Tuesday during a news conference at police headquarters. Along with meth, heroin and fentanyl, there was marijuana, ecstasy, LSD, anabolic steroids and a laundry list of prescription drugs.

“This isn’t the only bust we’ve made lately, but this is one of the more significant and visually appealing busts we’ve made,” Ruziska said, referring to the drugs laid out on tables in front of him.

Ruziska said all the drugs had not yet been weighed so the street value had not been determined, but he estimated the drugs were worth several thousand dollars.

He said the guns seized were a modified AR-15 with a scope, an AK-47, a shotgun with a pistol grip, a semiautomatic handgun and a revolver.

“All of them were loaded, fully loaded, scattered in different parts of the room ready to be used if he needed to defend his property,” the lieutenant said of the guns.

Chief David Todd said the department was highlighting the case to show that narcotics officers are working to stem the flow of heroin and meth in the city.

“I want the community to see what we as a community are up against,” Todd said. “This is one guy. This drug dealer, this supplier is a bad guy that was willing to go to lengths to protect his market, his income and his supply.”

Todd asked residents to help crack down on drug dealing by reporting what’s going in their neighborhoods. “Houses or apartments with significant in-and-out traffic or other suspicious activity may indicate drug activity,” he said.

The chief said anyone with a tip for police should call the department at (701) 241-5777.