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Park Rapids PD back in regular squad room after repairs to Public Safety Building

Park Rapids Police Chief Terry Eilers, left, and officer Mike Mercil demonstrate the video system used to monitor an adjacent interview room. (Kevin Cederstrom / Enterprise)1 / 2
Park Rapids police officers are moved back into their individual work stations in the squad room following renovations to the Public Safety Building this fall. The PD worked out of a trailer for about nine months while the space was renovated due to water damage. (Kevin Cederstrom / Enterprise)2 / 2

The Park Rapids Police Department is out of its trailer and back home in the Public Safety Building.  Renovation and repair work to the building, which houses both the city Public Works and Police Departments, is complete. It’s welcome news for the police officers who are now out of the trailer - or temporary mobile office unit, as it was officially called – and back working out of their normal squad room.

 The PD spent about nine months in the trailer which was roughly 10 feet by 30 feet, making for cramped quarters at times.  The city in the spring removed drywall and insulation on the east wall of the building to determine moisture infiltration issues. Contractors removed and rebuilt the entire interior east wall and a portion of the south wall – about 150 feet total.  The wall was resealed around the leaking windows, and sheetrock and insulation replaced. Water-damaged carpet was also removed and tile floors installed.  The city has dealt with moisture problems since the building was constructed in 2001.

 The building houses all the public works departments which include water, sewer, streets, parks and maintenance, as well as the police department with three garage bays for squad cars.  Police Chief Terry Eilers said with the renovation his department was able to make some changes and utilize space more effectively. The PD set up a computer room and video monitoring system for an adjacent interview.  Officers are now back completing daily tasks in their individual workspaces with desks, filing systems and computers.  The PD currently has 11 full-time officers on the roster including the chief, as well as two part-time officers used regularly.  The full-time department secretary is also back in her office at the front entrance of the building.