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­Park Rapids sees modest new home construction in 2015

A new home is under construction in the Kaywood Addition, a Park Rapids development where the city issued four new home construction permits this year. (Kevin Cederstrom / Enterprise)

The City of Park Rapids saw modest building so far in 2015 as the construction season enters its final phase of the year.   The four new home building permits and 126 overall building permits have total valuation of $5 million, down from previous years.  The 126 permits include building activity such as residential new house construction, new garages, residential remodels and additions, commercial buildings and remodels.  The four new house permits in Park Rapids this year are all in the Kaywood Addition - three on Konshok Loop and one on Eastern Avenue. 

There are 74 total lots in the Kaywood development with 34 lots remaining to be sold.  Looking ahead to 2016, city planner Ryan Mathisrud indicated he expects to see similar numbers with new construction.  “Our office has experienced steady conversations with potential parties interested in building homes throughout the year, leaving us with the opinion that this trend of five homes per year will continue through 2016,” Mathisrud said.  

The city welcomes the construction activity in Kaywood as developers fill a need with the moderately priced homes.  

“As more people reach retirement age, and new families establish in the community, there will likely continue to be modest demand for new modestly priced homes in the City of Park Rapids where jobs, and community amenities are nearby.”  

The Park Rapids Planning Commission will review at its next meeting a permit request to develop a single lot for proposed use of an apartment building on the city’s south side.  Last year, the city issued in total permits a valuation of $6 million which included seven new homes. There were five new homes built in 2013.  Park Rapids saw a building boom of sorts in 2004 when 40 new home permits were issued. The city issued 29 each in 2005 and 2006, 35 in 2007 and 14 in 2008.  The slowest year came in 2009 when the city issued just one permit for new home construction.