The Amazing Chase team of Wicked Awesome lived up to its moniker, claiming victory once again in the 4th annual Kinship of Park Rapids fun and fund-raising event.  Ten hosts sent 13 teams across the metropolis to accomplish whacky challenges Saturday.  The event raised $7,300, netting $5,500 for Kinship after prizes were awarded, director Jennifer Therkilsen reports.  Wicked Awesome, comprised of Maren and Dan Hackbarth, Craig and Abbie Wignes and Melissa Trutna earned first in the 10 challenges and took first in four of the final five contests.  The impishly astounding winners are the children and spouses of Steve and Betty Wignes. Steve Wignes and his grandchildren formed the team of Gramps and Grands.  

Team Shenanigans from Nevis came in a close second, Therkilsen reports. The band of hooligans was comprised of Jamie Curtis, Ceara Curtis, Stephanie Lippert, Joe Ganley and Justin Isaacson.  The NorthStar team won the bonus drawing, their $250 fee plus an additional $250 raised sent their names in the drawing seven times, paying dividends.  The hosts - all but one “repeat offenders” attempting to discombobulate logic -   were the Hubbard County Sheriff’s Office, Park Ace, Lori Lea Lanes, Coborn’s, Delaney’s, Heartland Homes, Hugo’s, NorthStar Orthodontics and the Park Rapids Fire Department.  Wildwood Enchantment joined the merry fracas this year.  The warm temps did nothing to dispel the competition.  “It was remarkable,” Therkilsen said.  “I can’t wait for next year,” was an oft heard remark, she said.