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City Council approves purchase of PD computer equipment

The Park Rapids City Council passed a resolution Tuesday accepting over $17,000 in donations to pay for computer equipment in three new squad cars.  Enbridge contributed a $10,000 donation and Catholic Health Initiatives $5,000 of the $17,220 raised by the police department.  Grant money will be available in the future but in order to outfit the squads in a timely fashion the donation funds will be used to purchase the computer equipment now from the equipment fund, according to the council. Those funds will then be replaced when the grant funds become available in October.  

Three new police squads for the Park Rapids Police Department have been ordered and will need to be outfitted with computer equipment prior to going into service.  With the resolution the council approves the computer equipment purchase in the amount of $14,163.54.  The three new squads are expected to arrive this month and once outfitted put in service around Sept. 1.  A number of businesses and individuals contributed to the fund with donations ranging from $20 to $10,000.

 Library Needs Assessment -The council on Tuesday passed a resolution awarding the Library Needs Assessment Proposal to Library Strategies Consulting Group.  The Park Rapids Library Board has created and city council approved this past spring a Request For Proposal to complete a Library Needs Assessment. The board received two proposals and recommended to the council awarding the bid to Library Strategies Consulting (LSC), “because the company is dedicated to servicing libraries, proposal encouraged better involvement by the community in determining needs and also was the lower quote of the two respondents.”  The council approved the study at a cost of $24,790. The city had earlier approved up to $30,000 for the study in its Capital Improvement Plan budget.

 Konshok resigns -The city council Tuesday accepted the resignation of councilman David Konshok.  Konshok was elected to the council on Nov. 4, 2014 and his term expires on Dec. 31, 2016.  Konshok told the council with regret he resigns his position due to business interests that take him and his wife to St. Cloud.  “I want to thank the current councilmembers as well as previous councils. A lot of great things have been done by councils former as well as the current council,” Konshok said Tuesday.  Konshok joked the council may not be very flashy or glamorous, or generally make a lot of “juicy headlines” for the newspaper.  “We do get a lot of things done, largely because we have excellent city staff. I want to thank all the department heads that have educated me and put up with my persistent, probably annoying questions.”  

He complimented the city staff, particularly the work of city treasurer Angela Brumbaugh and the work she does with the budget.  “It is amazing how closely that projected budget matches the actual budget year in and year out, Konshok said. “Margie does a fantastic job as clerk, educates us on how to do things properly,” he said of city clerk Margie Vik.  Konshok joked by indicating this is not his first time resigning from the council.   “It’s actually the third official time resigning from the council,” he said.  The first time was in 2006 to apply for the city administrator position, which he did not get, and was re-elected to the council. The second resignation came when he went to Afghanistan, “courtesy of the U.S. military in 2010”.  Acting Mayor Paul Utke thanked Konshok for his work on behalf of the city and councilman Rod Nordberg, who came on after Konshok, said, “I do want to say as a youngster he did a good job of mentoring the old guy.”