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Speed limits will increase on some MN highways

ST. PAUL, Minn. - Over the next few years, speed limits on a number of highways will increase as part of a Minnesota Department of Transportation study.

Officials say 340 miles of highways in northern and western Minnesota will get higher speed limits in the next few weeks. Two-lane highways, with a current posted speed of 55 mph will increase to 60 mph, including U.S. Highway 212 and Minnesota 23.

The increases are part of legislation that requires MnDOT to study the posted speed limits over a five-year period on all 55-mph two-lane highways. The first report was presented to the Legislature in January. Similar reports will be presented each year for the next four years.

To determine whether a highway should increase speed, an analysis is done on traffic, engineering, crash rates, shoulder widths and what drivers are currently driving.

For 2014, 570 miles were evaluated and 340 miles were increased.

Minnesota has a total of 7,000 miles of two-lane roads that will be studied.

The new speed limits will be effective once new signs are posted.

To read a copy of the report, click here.