The Park Rapids area has a unique reputation because of the clean waters. These waters help tourism and agriculture industries as well as providing drinking water for city and rural residents.

Managing the groundwater is a huge responsibility for the citizens of this area. The Minnesota Department of Natural Resources developed the Straight River Pilot Groundwater Management Area (GWMAs) planning project to learn how to effectively create and establish GWMAs in other places facing groundwater management challenges. Park Rapids League of Women Voters (LWVPR) has already presented two educational programs related to the surface and groundwater. The third program is being presented in February and a fourth program will be presented in April.

“City Water, Rural Water: our Most Precious Resource” will be presented from 6:30-8 p.m. Tuesday, Feb. 3 at the Northwoods Bank Community Room (handicap accessible). The program will be presented by Scott Burlingame, Park Rapids Public Works Supervisor and Frank Stuemke, Minnesota Rural Water Association Circuit Rider.

Burlingame will present information about issues concerning the Park Rapids city water supply and provide an update on new developments such as the water treatment plant. MRWA was set up under the 1974 Clean Water Act and charged with a mission to provide the latest information, education, and technical assistance to protect our public waters and improve the quality of life in Minnesota. Stuemke will explain the role and purpose of Technical Advisors/trainers with MRWA.

For more information contact President Carolynne White at 732-9819, or