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San Diego: Consistently pleasant weather, attractions

Sunset view of the San Diego Harbor (Photos by John Smith / For the Enterprise)

Editor’s note: This article, one of a series of travel articles by John Smith, “is intended to provide ideas for those who love to travel, to spark the interest of those who wish to travel and have not, and to entertain those who have no desire to travel,” the author explains. “My personal philosophy is that travel provides the opportunity for adventure, cultivates an understanding of other people and places and enriches the traveler’s mind.”

BY John Smith


“Location, Location, Location.” The passages of life for those with children involve children moving away from home. We want independent and free thinking children who experience life to its fullest, but do they have to move so far away from home?

Parents must be resilient and transition to a life without the day- to- day caretaking responsibilities that come with having children in the home. Still, supplied with cell phones and iPads coupled with text messaging, Facebook, Twitter and as well as other social media, remaining close to children is considerably easier than ever before.

However, no electronic gadgets compare with the embrace of a child or a face to face discussion of life’s challenges. This requires a visit to see the child and we hope that they have chosen a location that provides good weather and some interesting attractions.

Our son has landed and settled, at least for the time being, in San Diego, Calif. San Diego qualifies as one of those splendid locations boasting of consistently pleasant weather, beautiful scenery, and a host of interesting attractions.

A view of San Diego Harbor is an attraction for many in San Diego. The USS Midway was the largest ship in the world until 1955 a

San Diego averages sunshine about 70 percent of the time, with temperatures consistently in the low 70s and rarely, even in winter, touching the low 50s. This makes San Diego a good bet for pleasant weather in any season.

Good weather means an array of available activities on a visit to San Diego. If you enjoy the ocean, San Diego offers a number of fine beaches. At La Jolla Cove, sea lions bark and roll in the sand nearby. Mission Beach abounds with restaurants, biking, and other amusements to enhance your beach experience. Torrey Pines State Reserve and Sunset Cliffs Natural Park cater to the nature lover, with historic walking areas and numerous hiking trails that appeal to the naturalist.

For those inclined to observe wildlife in a more captivating setting, the San Diego Zoo is regarded as one of the finest zoos in the world featuring some of the rarest animals in the world such as giant pandas and koalas. Noted for its conservation efforts, the San Diego Zoo entertains and educates while providing an enjoyable outdoor experience for the entire family. SeaWorld San Diego is an animal theme park, oceanarium and marine mammal park with entertaining shows that will furnish a family an entire day of entertainment.

The USS Midway, the largest ship in the world until 1955, enthralls history buffs with a naval museum on a retired aircraft carrier. A self-guided audio tour coupled with interesting narratives from retired military volunteers enriches the experience. The USS Midway is rated as the number one attraction in San Diego by Trip Advisor. Located on the harbor in downtown San Diego, the museum attracts the eye with its sheer dimensions, but consider the tour a must see attraction. Old San Diego State Historic Park honors San Diego’s past with historic sites, fine restaurants and shopping. Periodically, historical festivals highlight the area lending additional color and culture to the area.

For the sports fans San Diego hosts professional football (the Chargers) and baseball (the Padres) as well as some of the finest golf courses in the United States. Considering the near perfect year round weather count on a fabulous outdoor experience whether it is watching a sporting event or participating in the multitude of sporting activities that San Diego affords.San Diego features some of the finest golf courses in the United States.

Visiting my son is always a pleasant experience, but frankly it pleases me a great deal that he was so considerate in picking a location that makes the decision to visit so darn easy. 

John Smith is a Nevis resident who practiced law in Park Rapids.

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