Nevissance Festival debuts Saturday

Nevis theater students will be hosting a “Nevissance” Festival from 11 a.m. to 7 p.m. Saturday, Nov. 20 in the Nevis School small gym.

Cast members who will performing at the Nevissance Festival include, front, from left, Annabelle Bolster, Sofia Anderson and Kendra Boushee. Back row: Adeline Bjorklund, Jesse Snow, Temperance Mountjoy, Sofia Anderson, Marley Whitaker and Ellie Miller. Contributed/Nevis School

The event is free, but activities require payment of gold coins, which are available for purchase. Funds raised will benefit the theater group. Those attending are encouraged to wear clothing that depicts the Renaissance era.

“Nevissance” is Nevis school’s first Renaissance festival, a combination of the words Nevis and Renaissance.

“Nevissance will be a fun and exciting event and we hope to see you there," Nevis theater student Amy Brownfield said.

The small gym at Nevis School will be transformed to an old village near the palace. There will be games, food, drink, dancing, a parade and more. Nevissance is open to all ages and there will be activities for both kids and adults.

“The kids have been asking for several years to do a fundraiser,” advisor Jen Geraedts said. “I didn't want to do something ordinary like sell candy. I wanted to do something that would involve the community and show the needs of our program. Nevis is a small school in a small town with the stage at one end of a gym and no auditorium seating. I wanted to build a sense of teamwork among the students, and most of all, be fun for the students.


“My husband, Tom Geraedts, said to me this past summer, ‘Why don't you do a Renaissance Festival? And since it's Nevis, you could call it Nevissance.’ I immediately thought it was brilliant because it hits all the buttons I wanted. What could be more fun for theater students than dressing up in Renaissance costumes and speaking in accents? When I announced it to the kids this fall, they were on board immediately.”

“The Plucky Wives of Henry VIII,” a short comedy skit, will be performed three times during Nevissance. The play is about six unfortunate women who became involved with the king.

Cast members are Anne Boleyn (Anna Crimmins), Anne of Cleves (Annabelle Bolster), Catherine of Aragon (Amythyst Brownfield), Catherine Howard (Adeline Bjorklund), Catherine Parr (Sofia Anderson), Henry VIII (Max Eiscens), Herald (Eva Warrington), Jane Seymour (Ellie Miller), Simon Soldier (Nyx Taylor), Sonny Soldier (Nicholas Jordan), Sam Soldier (Kendra Boushee), Sol Soldier (Isek Cortez), Stuart Soldier (Marley Whitaker) and Steve Soldier (Jesse Snow).

"The Plucky Wives of Henry VIII" is a royalty-free play by Rebecca Lyon available from Drama Notebook.

“Nevissance will be a fun and exciting event and we hope to see you there," Brownfield said.

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