“The Lord will indeed give what is good, and our land will yield its harvest” (Psalm 82:5).

In most areas of our country, where fields were seeded in the spring, crops are ready for harvest. Farmers plan for a whole year to bring in the harvest. They prepare the machinery during winter, plant seed in the spring, and cultivate and irrigate, if necessary, in the summer.

It's a busy time, but it's all for one purpose: to bring in a bountiful harvest.

When the crops are ready, all other work on the farm that could be done is not nearly as important as getting the harvest in. It's the number-one priority.

Sometimes the growing season seems very long. Months go by, and at times the growth of a crop seems almost imperceptible. In midsummer, the calendar seems full of weeks when storms or disease might threaten a crop, and harvest time seems far away.

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The same is true in our living for the Lord. While we occasionally have seasons of rapid growth in our faith, at other times the harvest seems far away, with many obstacles and challenges to trip us up.

Storms of anger sweep over us, and we speak harsh words to a spouse or a child. We wilt in the heat and drought of financial pressures. We are tempted to cut corners as stewards of the resources God has given us.

When the harvest seems far off, we need to hear God’s promise. Yes, sin is a reality we need to deal with. Yes, God judges our sin. But God has also shown us His unfailing love and has given us salvation in Jesus Christ.

The psalmist invites us to listen to what God says and to hear God’s promise of peace. Jesus paid the price of our failures and sin and completely fulfilled the demands of God’s law on our behalf. In Him, the harvest is guaranteed.

“The Lord will indeed give us what is good.” In due time our lives will yield a harvest in Christ.

It is the glory of autumn that the ripe gifts of God are then generously given; it is the season when we enjoy all that we had hoped for.

The joy of harvest is great. The reapers are happy to fill their arms with the abundance of heaven.

Pastor Tim Wilson serves at Park Rapids Assembly of God.