With all the noise of our election bombarding us from every direction, I thought it good to take some time to ponder this poem, from the website Poetry Nook, by Anonymous:

“There is the peace that cometh after sorrow, Of hope surrendered, not of hope fulfilled; A peace that looketh not upon tomorrow, But calmly on a tempest that is stilled.

“A peace which lives not now in joy's excesses, Nor in the happy life of love secure, But in the unerring strength the heart possesses, Of conflicts won, while learning to endure.

“A peace there is, in sacrifice secluded, A life subdued, from will and passion free; ’Tis not the peace that over Eden brooded, But that which triumphed in Gethsemane.”

With autumn’s beauty, I invite you to take time and sit in the warmth of the sunlight as our trees have painted a spectacular canvas in the original 3-D.

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We have a great God who gives us so many gifts. Sight, smell, touch and hearing are but a few. “Shalom” is the Hebrew word for peace, and it means so much more than simply the absence of war.

May that peace which passes all understanding keep our hearts and minds in Christ Jesus, who taught us love our neighbor as ourselves.

Rev. Steve Norby serves as lead pastor of Calvary Lutheran Church in Park Rapids.