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DEVOTIONAL GUIDE: Let God's kingdom come

How many times have you prayed the Lord's Prayer, somewhat unconsciously reciting, "Your kingdom come; Your will be done"? I know for me, reciting those words can become so habitual that I repeat them without truly realizing the power in them.

These words literally can transform our world. I can't help but think this is why Jesus gave us permission, and even directed us, to ask for His kingdom to come on earth. Wow!

Undoubtedly, pieces of the kingdom can be seen everywhere, as long as we have eyes to see it. Just a glance out my living room window reveals beautiful trees with changing leaves, fresh clean air, clear lake water, birds flying. The glory of God's kingdom is literally at our fingertips.

Yet, oftentimes it feels as though the burdens and demands of daily life overshadow the majesty of the kingdom around us. It must be one of Satan's most devious ploys, to cause us 1) to see God's blessings as burdens and 2) to be weighed down so much with demands of this day that we forget God's kingdom literally surrounds us.

Here's a favorite quote of mine from Dorothy Day: "Show me your day and I'll show you your life."

The quote hits home, because my day consists of getting kids up and out the door in the morning, getting myself ready for the day, taking care of the dog, cleaning the house, tackling as many tasks on the "to do" list as possible, feeling frustrated when I don't complete as many of those "to dos" as I had hoped to, teaching and correcting my children, officiating arguments between my kids, chatting with my husband about things that need to get done, trying to get supper made and cleaned up, and racing through homework and bedtime routines to collapse into bed at the end of it all.

Those are all things that must get done, so we shouldn't shame ourselves for taking care of these things. But I think God's heart must break when we let the work of getting to the daily finish line distract us so much that we miss His kingdom in the midst of it all.

God's kingdom is full of joy, unity, peace and love. Let's draw nearer to God by asking for His kingdom to come in our lives. As we do this, these good fruits will be more and more evident, even in the way we perform our daily tasks.

God wants these good fruits for us because He's our dad — He loves us and wants to bless us with good things — but also because we, too, are evidence of His kingdom on this earth. The measure of joy, unity, peace and love in our lives brings glory to God and His kingdom.