DEVOTIONAL GUIDE: How is your soul?

Take stock, and prepare your soul for winter.

Laura Nelmark

“What do you benefit if you gain the whole world but lose your own soul? Is anything worth more than your soul?” (Matthew 16:26).

My former Pastor once asked me, “How is your soul?” The question was striking to me. At the time, I wasn’t even sure how to measure that, or how to answer.

As I reflect on this conversation, I want to say to God, “My soul is thankful because of all you have placed in me and given me.

“My soul is excited because of your truth, what I’m learning and how I long to learn more, yet thankful for the wisdom I have. It’s not of me, God, it's you.

“My soul is thankful for the family and the friendships you've given me.


“I see my soul as being formed each and every day. I also see my soul being healed from the trials and despairs of life. I see my soul not fully complete, as it's being shaped by you, God. “You always provide just what I need. My soul is tired, yet longing for you to carry me through every moment of my journey. My soul is fearful – not of your judgment, but the judgment of others.

“My soul is careful to have just enough boundaries. My soul longs for help and attention, like an abandoned ship at sea, waiting to be found, cared for, protected and mentored.

“My soul longs for truth to lead and guide me and others to your arms. My soul is in process with you, God. My soul is hand in hand, walking this all out with Jesus.”

Your soul is your inner being that will always exist. It is strong and steady at times, yet weary and tired as well.

How is your soul? Does your soul know the safe resting place of the Father’s loving embrace? Is your soul thriving or just barely surviving? Is your soul tired and weak?

In this season of fall, as we plan and prepare for winter as well as say goodbye to summer, I encourage you to ask Jesus to show you what preparations your soul requires for winter and what things your soul may need to let go of.

I encourage you to slow down and allow yourself some silence and solitude, so that Jesus and the Holy Spirit can tend to your soul. For is anything worth more than your soul?

Laura Nelmark serves as pastoral assistant at Lakes Area Vineyard Church in Park Rapids.

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