DEVOTIONAL GUIDE: God doesn’t promise life without wasps

Rev. Steve Norby

At the Norby home, we had a wake-up call about an imperfect world. Yellowjackets decided to live in our retaining wall. What I am talking about is WASPS!

All of a sudden the easygoing summer changed into a chess match. Richard Lamoureux wrote about this in his poem, “Sonic Stings”: “Watching wild Wasps Fiercely flying forward Sonic stings, sickly screams Painfully piercing pandemonium.”

As a novice with such problems, I called on the voices of experience. I even asked, Siri what to do. When that did not work, I called a professional. He came out and gave back to us our patio and peace of mind.

Believers see the world as beautiful and fallen. Like a summer day, life is good, for the most part – but all of a sudden, it can “turn on a dime.”

After he came out of the river Jordan, chosen to save the world, our Lord Jesus walked from place to place for three years. The gospels do not record any encounters the disciples may have had with wasps. But the Lord did encounter a broken world, where people are stricken by disease, racism, and a judgmental attitude against women by many in the religious community.


It was not wasps but men more interested in sacrifice than mercy, who changed our Lord’s travels into a chess match. It was a religion that hated evil more than it loved the good that crucified our Lord.

I invite all who read this to help change our culture from fear to faith. Sometimes we must have courage to take on the sting of sin. If we don’t, we give up the patios of our life as well as our peace of mind.

Thank God for professionals who are trained to deal with just about anything imaginable. Thank God for calling folks like you to serve the common good.

I was so courageous that I sent our 20-something son to take out that nest of yellowjackets. Seriously, he insisted that I not go out and help him, because I would be too slow to get away!

The Lord provides in mysterious ways. Every time I walk past that retaining wall, I do not take life without pain for granted.

Rev. Steve Norby serves as lead pastor of Calvary Lutheran Church in Park Rapids.

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