Butterfly art gives wings to Easter message

In a book on Christian art, George Ferguson writes that "the caterpillar, the chrysalis, and the butterfly ... are clearly symbols of life, death, and resurrection."

Pastor Lauren Hauger stands in front of the butterfly artwork that proclaims a message of resurrection and encouragement at Hubbard United Methodist Church. (Submitted photo)

A butterfly with a 16-foot wingspan has landed at Hubbard United Methodist Church, carrying a special Easter message.

“We have been creating a resurrection butterfly for the church on Easter Sunday,” Pastor Lauren Hauger reported this week. “As there are many members in our church who appreciate art, I thought it would be a wonderful visual representation of (how) Christ sets us free from so many things that weigh us down.

“When we look upon the butterfly, what really speaks to our church is the one simple truth that through God’s love, we are set free. It is simply to let people know that we see their struggles, and they are not alone. God is with them!”

Hauger, her husband, Jeff, and their granddaughter, Sam, cut the wings out of sheets of plywood. The couple painted the background, then sent it to Kris and Karissa Sauser of Nevis for added detail. The Haugers then mounted it on a base.

“It is our intent to place this butterfly in front of the church on Easter Sunday from 1 to 3 p.m.,” said Lauren. “We will take photos of people and hear a word about how they are experiencing Christ in His resurrection life now, or what their hope for resurrection in the future looks like to them.”


Karissa Sauser of Nevis paints details on one of the butterfly wings designed by Hauger and members of her family. (Submitted photo)

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