Park Rapids, Nevis win one-act play contest

The winners will go on to perform at Section 6A competition Feb. 4 in Hawley.

Lady Throckmortonshire (Carlos Bauer, fourth from left) steals a scene in a Jan. 26, 2023 dress rehearsal for Park Rapids High School's "Chemical Imbalance," which won the Subsection 24A one-act play contest on Jan. 28. Joining the scene, from left, are Levi Trygstad, Ella Evink, Tyler Hillukka, Harmony Trygstad, Emma May and Anika Kietzman.
Robin Fish / Park Rapids Enterprise

The Subsection 24A one-act play contest Saturday, Jan. 28 at Park Rapids Area HIgh School ended with Park Rapids and Nevis taking home the top honors.

The two schools will move on to Section 6A competition Saturday, Feb. 4 in Hawley.

Park Rapids' dark comedy "Chemical Imbalance" placed first at the Subsection 24A one-act play contest Jan. 28, 2023 at home. Cast and crew included, front row from left: Vivian Harju, Levi Trygstad, Vivienne Guida, Ella Evink, Emma May, Autumn Kietzman, director Abby Jasmer; back row: Tori Harju, Jack Worner, Carlos Bauer, Tyler Hillukka, Chaz Fercho, Harmony Trygstad, Braylon Berg, Cyprian Little, Dylan Moore, Anika Kietzman, Romeo Bauer and Ezekiel Schilling.
Robin Fish / Park Rapids Enterprise

Park Rapids took first place with “Chemical Imbalance,” a dark comedy based on Robert Louis Stevenson’s “Strange Case of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde.”

Written by Lauren Wilson, the madcap play featured Levi Trygstad in the Jekyll-and-Hyde role, Ella Evink as a good-and-evil pair of twins, a show-stealing Carlos Bauer as the rich Lady Throckmortonshire, and more. Abby Jasmer directed.

Nevis High School's performance of "The Lion Who Roared," won second place at the Subsection 24A one-act play contest Jan. 28, 2023 at Park Rapids Area High School. Cast and crew include, front row from left: Eva Warrington, Adeline Bjorklund, Aiden Domski, Annabelle Bolster and Serenity "Ellie" Miller; back row: Ava Opsal, Jesse Snow, Zack Becker, Kendra Boushee, Sofia Anderson, Lindsie Reese, Carolynn Geimer, Karli Frisch, DJ Avenson, Marley Whitaker, Isek Cortez, Nicholas Jordan, assistant director Tom Geraedts and director Jennifer Geraedts.
Robin Fish / Park Rapids Enterprise

Jen Geraedts directed the Nevis one-act, “The Lion Who Roared,” which took second place and featured a cast of animals – a lion played by Jesse Snow, along with monkeys, parrots, a zebra, a spider, a python, an armadillo and two baby armadillos, an elephant, a leopard, a giraffe, an ostrich, an old baboon and an antelope.


Placing third and qualifying as the subsection’s alternate for Feb. 4 was Pillager with “Appropriate Audience Behavior.”

Also competing was Menahga High School with “Tracks,” in which a diverse group of people find themselves on a subway platform and realize they’ve died. The characters then have to work out whether the next train will take them to heaven or hell.

Dr. Jekyll, played by Levi Trygstad, studies his transformation into Mr. Hyde in the dark comedy "Chemical Imbalance," Park Rapids Area High School's entry in the Section 6A one-act play contest on Jan. 28, 2023, during a dress rehearsal on Jan. 26.
Robin Fish / Park Rapids Enterprise

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