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Park Rapids High School musicians earn high ratings at ensemble contest

Singers and instrumentalists from Park Rapids Area High School achieved five "excellent" and three "superior" ratings in the music ensemble contest Feb. 22, 2023, in Kelliher, including, front row from left: Emmy Goochey, Abby Runyan, Vivienne Guida, Anika Kietzman, Jack Worner, Sam Nagle, Emma Stone; second row: Joseph Daugherty, Janae Torma, Wyatt Koskela, Cyprian Little, Kyla Mercil, Harmony Trygstad, Cate Worner; back row: Eli Devore, Audrey Goehring, Jillian Neubauer, Will Hollman, Levi Trygstad and Tyler Hillukka.
Contributed / John Cook and Gunnar Aas
The Park Rapids flute trio of Jilian Neubauer, Kyla Mercil and Janae Torma plays a Slavonic Dance by Antonin Dvorak, earning a superior rating at the section/state ensemble contest Feb. 22, 2023, at Kelliher High School.
Contributed / John Cook and Gunnar Aas

Park Rapids singers and musicians earned “excellent” and “superior” ratings in the section/state music ensemble contest Wednesday at Kelliher High School.

The Park Rapids trombone ensemble of Cyprian Little, Joseph Daugherty, Levi Trygstad, Audrey Goehring and Anika Kietzman perform Paul Koepke's "Scherzo Caprice" for an excellent rating at the ensemble contest Feb. 22, 2023, in Kelliher.
Contributed / John Cook

“The judging was really tough – the toughest we’ve seen since before COVID,” said band teacher John Cook. “But the kids represented our program and our school well. We couldn’t be more proud of them.”

The Park Rapids vocal quartet of Eli Devore, Will Hollman, Tyler Hillukka and Jack Worner competes in the ensemble contest Feb. 22, 2023, in Kelliher.
Contributed / Gunnar Aas

Receiving “excellent” ratings were:

  • the trumpet duet of Wyatt Koskela and Audrey Goehring, playing the traditional Irish tune “The Meeting of the Waters.” 
  • the trombone quintet of Goehring, Levi Trygstad, Cyprian Little, Anika Kietzman and Joseph Daugherty, playing “Scherzo Caprice” by Paul Koepke.
  • The vocal trio of Abby Runyan, Emmy Goochey and Jillian Neubauer singing the traditional Scottish melody “Loch Lomond.”
  • The trio of Sam Nagle, Emma Stone and Cate Worner singing “Remember Me” by Christina Rossetti and Ruth Morris Gray.
  • The trio of Levi Trygstad, Will Hollman and Tyler Hillukka singing the traditional sea chanty “A’Rovin’.”
The Park Rapids vocal trio of Emmy Goochey, Jillian Neubauer and Abby Runyan earns an "excellent" rating, singing "Loch Lomond" at the ensemble contest Feb. 22, 2023 in Kelliher.
Contributed / Gunnar Aas

Receiving the highest, “superior” rating were:

  • the clarinet quartet of Jack Worner, Harmony Trygstad, Vivienne Guida and Cate Worner, playing “Havana” by Camila Cabello.
  • the flute trio of Jillian Neubauer, Kyla Mercil and Janae Torma, playing a Slavonic Dance by Antonin Dvorak.
  • the flute duet of Neubauer and Torma, who were also honored as the outstanding performance of the day, playing “Bouree” by G.F. Handel...


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