Minnesota psychic gains national acclaim

DETROIT LAKES, Minn. - Everyone is thought to be gifted or talented in at least one aspect of life. If people are lucky, they recognize it, harness it and make good use of it for a better life.

Tiffany Johnson lives in Minnesota but works with clients all over the country. Special to The Forum

DETROIT LAKES, Minn. - Everyone is thought to be gifted or talented in at least one aspect of life. If people are lucky, they recognize it, harness it and make good use of it for a better life.

For Tiffany Johnson of Sartell, her gift was recognized at an early age - and it's a gift some individuals don't recognize as one.

But Johnson perseveres with her gift, touching many people's lives along the way as one of the nation's most renowned psychics and metaphysical teachers in the field.

Johnson's first recollection of her psychic abilities came when she was 3 or 4 years old, during bedtime.

"I remember waking up as a 3- or 4-year-old, and there was all this chatter going around my bed," Johnson recalled. "I would see people standing around my bed, talking to each other. I could see they were transparent and never thought anything of it, but I could understand all their conversations."


It was her gift of mediumship that appeared to her first, meaning she can see the spirits of people who have passed on.

"I was startled at first, sure, but there has never been a scary moment with my ability of mediumship," Johnson said. "It's not like the movies where they come up and scare you."

As a youth, Johnson ­didn't really pursue her ability, other than just doing readings for her friends in high school.

Johnson learned at a young age how to use tarot cards as a tool, astrology and tea leaves.

All these aspects of readings are tools and Johnson preferred tarot cards.

"These are just tools of readings; they are not using psychic (abilities)," Johnson said. "Learning how to read tarot cards is like learning how to understand algebra."

But Johnson never really harnessed her psychic abilities until later in life - she was busy pursuing a mass communication degree in marketing.

She landed a nice job as the director of marketing for a neurologist in Minneapolis in 1999.


Johnson remained in tune with her psychic gifts, though, doing readings on the side during the weekends in a metaphysical store in Stillwater.

But the pull into the metaphysical world started getting stronger, and Johnson was left with one of her biggest decisions of her life - whether to pursue it or not.

Gaining support and a good reputation

Johnson has gained national fame from some of the top people in the world of the paranormal.

Robb Demarest, lead man of SyFy Channel's hit series Ghost Hunters International, has worked with Johnson on investigations and has gone to her for advice, as well.

Becoming a successful, well-respected and well-known psychic didn't come overnight for the high-energy Johnson.

Johnson's decision to cross over and become a full-time psychic came after the pull became too strong to resist.

Peeking in the world of the metaphysical


Johnson has been featured on A&E's Psychic Kids, as well as TLC's Ghost Intervention, which has been released internationally.

She also has developed strong bonds with investigators from SyFy's Ghost Hunters and GHI, as well as writing two books.

Johnson makes her rounds nationally doing readings at famous haunted locations, in which she has had the opportunity to investigate firsthand.

Johnson has gained enormous knowledge of the metaphysics, by becoming a certified hypnotherapist, a Reiki master and an expert in chakra balancing and leading life ceremonies.

Her most memorable medium reading was at the famed Stanley Hotel in Colorado - the hotel which inspired Stephen King to pen "The Shining."

A pair of parents were at the reading and Johnson was able to connect with their young son, who had passed away.

"If there ever was a grand screw-up in the universe, it's parents losing a child," Johnson said about the case. "I was able to connect with their boy for them, which was very touching."

Although she has never used one of the most popular tools, she said others need to be very careful using an Ouija board.

"It all depends on what your intentions are using one," Johnson said. "A Ouija board can be a gateway, but you don't know what's going to come through that gateway. I'm not totally against them, but one really has to protect oneself and the precedent has been set (that it brings in evil spirits).

"I don't recommend them," she said. "It's not worth the risk."

With the unknown always being an attraction for people to explore, Johnson's gifts have helped shed some light in the darkness.

For Johnson, the amount of respect and integrity she has garnered speaks for itself.

Her gifts touch those who do believe - and make those wonder what is on the other side for those who don't.

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