History museum moving forward in ways to look back

Hubbard County Historical Society Pres. Jan Rumpza shared ways the museum is appealing to a wider audience Feb. 9 at ACTION Park Rapids.

The historic Hubbard County Courthouse is home to the county historical museum from the first floor down and the Nemeth Art Center upstairs.
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The Hubbard County Historical Society is seeking ways to make the historical museum more interactive and involve more people, society president Jan Rumpza told ACTION Park Rapids on Feb. 9.

“We do have school tours that we have in the spring,” she said, adding that the tours have always been provided for Park Rapids students, but this year the Nevis School will also participate.

“We started out having historical teas last summer, where they come for tea in the afternoon and we talk about the history of one or two people. This year, we’re going to have seven of those … on Thursday afternoons.”

Also starting last year, the museum held antique appraisals on the lawn. Being the first time, it wasn’t well attended, Rumpza said. “But we’re back this year, and it’s going to be the third week in June.”

Also, she said, there will be a quilt show and appraisal on Aug. 2.


The Historical society meets the last Monday of every month from May through October. “We had them at Northwoods Bank, until COVID shut that down, and then we were meeting in the basement of the Law Enforcement Center,” said Rumpza. “That wasn’t as inviting. But we’re hoping that our numbers will be back up this year.”

She added that the society has room for one more board member, and is working on rebuilding its website with volunteer help.

Rumpza also reported that the museum received quite a bit of materials from the League of Women Voters’ historical display last year.

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