CHECK IT OUT: Three young adult books show different points of view

Three books exploring multiple facets of young adult stories await your reading pleasure at the Park Rapids Area Library.

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Spring is the boundary between winter and summer. As such, it presents us with different faces every day. It is this that I love about spring – the multiple faces and facets it shows us.

My reading in spring reflects this as I seek out books told from the perspective of multiple characters.

Here are some of my favorite young adult (YA) books told from multiple perspectives. They are perfect to share with your favorite teens or for your personal reading.

‘The Silvered Serpents’ by Roshani Chokshi

This is the second of the Gilded Wolves series, a YA fantasy told from the perspective of Séverin and the other members of his team: Zofia, Enrique and Laila.

On their previous mission, they suffered a terrible loss. Having gone their separate ways to grieve and recover, they reunite after being offered the task of recovering an artifact that is rumored to give its possessor the power of God.


But they cannot work together as seamlessly as they once did. Each is dealing with and trying to process the loss they have suffered. Unable to turn to one another for help and unable to trust one another, their mission may fail. Will they be able to overcome the past and work together again?

‘Even If We Break’ by Marieke Nijkamp

This is a YA mystery told from the perspectives of five friends. Finn, Carter, Maddy, Liva and Ever have been getting together to play a game for years. Now they seem to be drifting apart.

With three of them off to college soon, they decide to spend a weekend at a cabin in the woods. It is a chance to get together, resume their characters, and have fun one more time before going their separate ways.

Each of them is struggling and each has a secret. As their weekend begins, it becomes apparent that their secrets are not so secret. Someone knows each of their secrets, and that someone is determined to extract their revenge.

‘Influence’ by Lilia Buckingham and Sara Shepard

This is YA contemporary fiction, exploring the world of social media. It’s told from the alternating viewpoints of three social media influencers Delilah, Jasmine and Fiona, and interwoven with the transcripts of the vlog of a fourth influencer, Scarlett Leigh.

Delilah is new to social media. When the video of Delilah saving a puppy goes viral, her followers explode and she is invited to attend the Wellness Beauty party. At the party, she befriends two popular and savvy influencers, Jasmine and Fiona, whose friendship could help Delilah go far.

Jasmine and Fiona are dealing with their own problems, and each has a huge secret. All three have made an enemy in Scarlet Leigh, one of the biggest and meanest social media influencers, and she is not likely to let them off.

The night of the Gratitude Prom changes everything, leaving a mystery in its wake. Can the three friends solve the mystery or is it about to destroy them?


Mary Schwartz works in the Park Rapids Area Library’s Young Adult section, ordering books and creating programming. On the Literary Mary channel on YouTube, her videos explore books, STEM, creativity and family history research. Mary also enjoys hiking and exploring the woods with her camera and her husband, Kevin.

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