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Letter: Collin Peterson is not one of us

The 7th Congressional District is the most conservative district in the state of Minnesota. Yet, for the past 24 years the Democrat Collin Peterson has held office here. How do we explain that? Peterson has held firm on two issues, the right to life and gun rights, which has inoculated him against kickback from voting the way Obama tells him to on other issues–like

supporting Obamacare.

Yet, Peterson has revealed his Democrat roots numerous times. Years ago he came out against farmers and businessmen in the 7th District by refusing to allow Bush’s tax cuts to continue, including a reduced capital gains tax.

He more recently voted in favor of requiring 25 percent of all energy produced in the country to be “renewable,” a code word for increasing energy costs and making us all poorer. In addition, he voted to enforce limits on CO2

emissions demanded by the global warming hoaxers. He supported tax credits for wind farms and solar installations, but voted against the Keystone

Pipeline and against permits for more oil refineries in our country and oil exploration in the ANWR refuge.

He shows he doesn’t care what we think in the 7th District by supporting amnesty for illegal aliens. The Federation for American Immigration Reform (FAIR) rated him at 0 percent (, 2014). On the other hand, he is a favorite of the leftist National Education Association (NEA), the union presiding over failure in the public schools, which gives him a rating of 100 percent.

Americans United for Separation of Church and State (AU) also endorses him with a glowing 100 percent rating.  These are the same anti-Christian bigots who conspire to drive Jesus Christ out of our politics, laws, schools, and public displays.

Collin Peterson apparently agrees with their atheistic goals, but I doubt that many people in the 7th District do.

Why should we continue to return this man to office time after time? Wake up, people, and kick this hack Democrat out!

Paul Lysen

Meeker County