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Letter: Thank you from the Crandalls

To all our family and friends...

Thank you one and all for a wonderful night at Dan’s benefit on Friday. We were both overwhelmed at the out-pouring of love and how many came to share the evening.

A big thank you to Dan Atkins and Mark Waller for organizing the event and a great team of volunteers which included Lance and Trish, my friend Joann Christlieb, Beth Waller, Vicki Leckie, all the ladies from Osage Grace Community Church and Pastor Paul McKibben, my dear friends from the clinic, and all the many volunteers who helped put it all together. 

Dan continues to fight a courageous battle with his cancer. We are enjoying every good day together and depend on your prayers to hold us up on those bad days. 

Thank you for your generous gifts and God Bless you all.

Dan and Deb Crandall