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Letter: March for life is for those without a voice

All too soon another anniversary legalizing abortion will be here Jan. 22. Life is precious. It’s not always easy and sometimes doesn’t even seem fair, but to the little ones that are aborted, there will never be an opportunity to experience joy or hardship. They’re the ones who don’t have a voice, who don’t get to make the choice. Life just ends.

We have often heard the argument that the unborn baby isn’t human until it is born. How can that be? When a farmer or gardener plants a seed are they expecting to be surprised by what might just happen to grow? I think not. The same holds true for human life. Just because it is small and dependent, doesn’t limit its right to live. We can always find someone who is larger or smaller than we are, does that make one of us of more value? Perhaps to a coach, but not to God. Aren’t we all dependent on someone or something else at various times of our lives, or even within a day? Does that lessen our value, our right to live? Of course it doesn’t.

It seems to me that the violence committed against young children and the vulnerable has increased since Roe vs. Wade told the world that there are some lives that shouldn’t exist because they are inconvenient or stressful. How else can we explain the sons and daughters flung from bridges or drowned in bathtubs? What is happening to us?! Too many no longer respect life because a law said it was okay to destroy the tiniest, the ones without a voice to stop it.

Saturday, Jan. 17, there will be a March for Life starting at 10:30 a.m. We’re meeting at the Hubbard County Courthouse parking lot. After the march we’ll meet for a rally and lunch at Faithbridge Church. Come join us. Let your presence show that you believe in the right to life, even for those without a voice, without a vote.

Rita J. Boyce

Park Rapids