Request for Bids for the City of Park Ra

Request for Bids for the City of Park Rapids Request for Bronze Sign Bid: Up to 11 unique bronze signs each with a photograph, brief text & a QR code. These elements would be provided. Measurements about 10 inches wide by 14 inches in height. They will need to be mounted on brick, concrete block, wood and/or stucco exteriors. We will mount them. Please include shipping cost. The bid is for a grant application. If the grant is approved, we would need delivery in spring 2024. Request for Bid for Signs and Posts: Up to 11 unique signs each with up to two photographs, 250-word text and a QR code, and posts. The signs will be located outdoors, so durable sign panel material such as high pressure laminate will be required. Minimum panel size will be 18” x24”. Wood posts preferred - height so sign will be accessible to persons in wheelchairs with space underneath for mowing. Also please provide as options: 1) a design fee, 2) cost of installation and 3) shipping (if city decides to install). Please submit bids to Park Rapids City Hall at 212 West Second Street, Park Rapids, MN 56470 or by email at Deadline to submit bids is April 30th, 2023. Call 218-732-3163 with questions. (April 12, 2023) 212116