Park Rapids Area School Board Working Me

Park Rapids Area School Board Working Meeting Minutes Monday June 20, 2022 6:00 PM Frank White Education Center – Community Room Chairperson Safratowich called the Meeting to order. Members present and order to vote was Dodge, Carlson, Hoyt, Pike, Kocka & Safratowich. Principals Jeff Johnson, Shawn Andress & Mike LeMeir were present, along with Superintendent Lance Bagstad along with staff and community members. RECITED the Pledge of Allegiance APPROVED Agenda and Addendums as presented. Dodge/Pike APPROVED Consent Items as follows: Hoyt/Kocka a. Approve payments Presented for June 2022 b. Approve Minutes of the June 6th, 2022 Working Board Meeting c. Approve Renewal of Membership in the Minnesota State High School League for 2022-23 d. Approve Renewal of Membership in MREA (Minnesota Rural Education Association) for 2022-2023 e. Approve Resignation – Lindsey Trompeter, Century Elementary Secretary effective June 30th, 2022 f. Approve Resignation – Angela Larson, A & I Paraprofessional, Century Middle School g. Approve Resignation – Lindsey Trompeter, PAWN Secretary h. Approve New Hire – Melody Bober, Part time Reading Interventionist Paraprofessional, Century Elementary i. Approve New Hire – Julie Tandsater, ASD Paraprofessional Century Elementary j. Approve New Hire – Kari Pierce, Blind Visually Impaired Paraprofessional, Century Elementary k. Approve New Hire – Angela Larson, Century Elementary Secretary Effective June 20th, 2022 HEARD Monthly Superintendent Report- Last week we had 3 meetings about Project 309 and things are coming along nicely. We are working on finalizing our workshop schedule for Fall of 2022. HEARD Monthly Business Manager Report- talked about new business items and how things are shaking out with our budgets. HEARD Monthly Principals’ Report LeMier – We have a couple of positions to hire. Summer TS has been good with some smaller numbers these kids have been able to have more focused attention. Our facilities are coming along and they are almost done with elementary and moving along to the 5-8th grade side. Andress – I am wrapping up some of my time and Mike and Mark have some documents that will be needed for future. Johnson - Our ALC/Credit recovery is booming and we have had to add some extra people due to the size of our classes. We are hoping to add a College Fine arts credit. Thanks for allowing me to go to MAASP. HEARD Monthly Activities Director Report – Spring sports have come to a close this last week. Summer activities are ramping up we have almost 200 kids in and out of the weight room. Schedules are being finalized and we are getting ready for next year. HEARD Monthly Community Education Report – Summer adventures is in full swing with 95 to 105 students per day. We will be heading to Madora tomorrow and we are getting things ready for next fall. HEARD Special Education Directors report - Extended school year is in full swing with students needs being met. I am working on hiring for all district and we are getting some good people. We have folks signing up for workshops and people are doing a lot of trainings. HEARD Monthly Facilities Director Report- The Fire Marshall was here to check out our corrections as well as the tots room. Gym floors will be refinished next week and closed for a few days. HEARD New Business: a. Approve Workers Comp for 2022-23 School Year Carlson/Dodge b. Approve revised budget fiscal year 2021-22 general fund revenue of $21,841,985 and general fund expense of $21,909,315. Total all funds 01 through 07 revenues of $57,924,716 and expenditures of $28,697,555. Dodge/Pike c. Approve Preliminary budget fiscal year 2022-23 general fund revenues of $21,330,036 and general fund expenses of $21,983,766. Total of all funds 01 through 07 revenues of $48,679,919 and expenditures of $32,695,783. Carlson/Hoyt d. Review and Approve Volunteer insurance with Berkley Accident and Health for 2022-23 Dodge/Kocka e. Review and Approve Property Liability Insurance Renewal for 2022-23 Pike/Carlson REVIEWED Enrollment RECESSED to closed session Pursuant to Statute 13D.05 OPENED closes session at 6:35 PM Dodge/Pike CLOSED the closed session and ADJOURN at 7:15PM Carlson/Pike (July 20, 2022) 82545