Park Rapids Area School Board Working Me

Park Rapids Area School Board Working Meeting Minutes Monday, October 3rd, 2022 6:00 PM Frank White Education Center – Community Room Chairperson Safratowich called the Meeting to order. Members present and order to vote was Dodge, Carlson, Hoyt, Pike, Kocka & Safratowich. Principals Jeff Johnson, & Mike LeMeir were present, along with Superintendent Lance Bagstad along with staff and community members. RECITED the Pledge of Allegiance APPROVED Agenda and Addendums as presented. Dodge/Pike HEARD presentations a. Student of the Month September – Olivia Davis b. PRoject309 Update c. School Logo – What is our school logo? Joston’s has a guy that will help us with branding our school district. What do we want on our letter jackets, class rings, Athletic livestream links, etc.? Kevin will put a committee together to figure out a logo that ALL will approve. APPROVED Consent Items as follows: Hoyt/Kocka d. Approve Minutes of the September 19th, 2022 Regular Board Meeting e. Approve Winter Coaches 2022-23 School Year f. Approve New Hire – Peter Franz, JV boys Basketball g. Approve New Hire – Ellie Kirchner, DCD Para Elementary h. Approve New Hire – Frank Thelin, High School Custodial i. Approve Resignation – Ellie Griess, Food Service cook’s helper, 5.25 hours j. Approve New Hire – Katie Eischens, Varsity Gymnastics Coach – Addendum k. Approve Posting for Full and Part Time Paraprofessionals – Addendum l. Approve Posting for Full and Part Time Custodians - Addendum m. Approve Teacher Tenure for the 2022-23 School Year Bill Moore Chris Kirchner Brianna Kirchner Sue Keranen Kathy Wiederin Karrie Taylor Carrie Wittenberg Louise Bass Rachel Bedel Ellie Riihiluoma Tarja Nelson Teresa Molenaar Katelyn Kannegiesser Jesse Bucholz Josh Meader HEARD New Business: a. Motion for the proposed termination of probationary employee Carlson/Dodge b. Approve Awarding Bid Package #1, Precast, for the High School Facility Improvements project, to Wells Concrete Products Co., DBA Wells Concrete, in the amount of $639,000.00. Dodge/Pike c. Approve Retirement – Ann Johnson – With regret and thanks for her 13 Years of Service to the Park Rapids School District – Effective end of 2022-2023 School Year – ADDENDUM Carlson/Hoyt DONATIONS Received and Appreciated TO FROM AMOUNT/ITEM Park Rapids ALC Tom Stambaugh Heartland Express Bus Passes Park Rapids School District Arvig $2,045 HEARD Monthly Board Committee Report – North Country vocational co operative – Plans to build up the vocational needs for our students. To help with School Board and Superintendent Evaluation Meeting - with the change in board members I would like you to come with dates next meeting to do this. ADJOURN at 6:31Carlson/Dodge (Jan. 18, 2023) 162297