Park Rapids Area School Board MINUTES Mo

Park Rapids Area School Board MINUTES Monday March 21st, 2022 6:00 PM FWEC Community Room Chairperson Safratowich Called the Meeting to order. Members present and order to vote were Carlson, Dodge, Hoyt, Pike, Kocka & Safratowich. Principals Jeff Johnson, Mike LeMier and Shawn Andress were present, along with Superintendent Lance Bagstad, Business Manager Kent Fritze, as well as staff and community members. RECITED Pledge of Allegiance APPROVED AGENDA AND ADDENDUM – Dodge/Pike PRESENTED Student of the Month for March – Emily Schulz PRESENTED BPA State and National Participants HEARD Esports Presentation HEARD Project 309 Update APPROVED Consent Items: Hoyt/Dodge a. Approve payments Presented for March 2022 b. Approve Minutes of the March 8th, 2022 Working Board Meeting c. Approve New Hire – Ashley Anderson, CTE Ag Teacher – Effective 2022-2023 SY d. Approve New Hire – Angela Larson, PRAVA Secretary, 5 hours per week – Effective March 28th, 2022 e. Approve Hire – Greg Kuehn, Volunteer Golf Coach f. Approve Hire – Eva Gruis, Food Service 5.25 hours per day g. Approve Resignation – Concha Uzozie, Middle School Special Education – Effective End of 21-22 SY h. Approve Resignation – Concha Uzozie, Junior High Girls Volleyball and Basketball Coach i. Approve Resignation – Patrick Richard, Junior High Track Coach j. Approve Out of state travel for Esport Staff and Students to travel to Grand Forks, ND from April 1st – 2nd for State tournament. k. Approve Out of state travel for BPA Students and Staff traveling to Dallas, Texas from May 2nd – May 8th for Nationals- ADDENDUM l. Approve Resignation – Christ Norton, Transportation Director – Effective April 8th, 2022 - ADDENDUM HEARD Monthly Superintendent Report- Watch for first bill from the legislation coming soon. We need bus drivers will be looking towards some incentives in the future. HEARD Monthly Business Manager Report- I’m reviewing budgets and getting things finalized with the reports that we are reviewing. I’m reviewing billing for all grant funds that we should be receiving. We are also looking at increasing casual labor to $15 since everyone around us is around that amount. HEARD Monthly Principals’ Report LeMier – We had 92 percent of participation with our families during conference time. Interviews are underway. We are looking at Kindergarten enrollment for next year. Andress – Planning and programing to shift 4th grade into the middle level for the time. We are trying to support students in the spaces that we have. We are planning for the end of the year conferences and all that comes with it. Johnson – Programing for next year is in process. We are working together to got get staff hired and ready for the future. Crystal has organized a Career fair next Friday the 1st of April to make this a new thing. This is open to the public for everyone to attend from 9am to 2 pm. HEARD Monthly Activities Director Report – Congrats to BPA Students and staff for a successful season. We had some good success in our winter athletics season. Our numbers are looking good for Spring sports and we are really hoping with transportation shortages we can get to all our events. HEARD Monthly Community Education Report – We have 71 students registered for our VPK program for 22-23. We also have 1 spot for School Readiness left for 22-23 school year. I am looking at ESSER funds and how we can spend those in our program. HEARD Director of Curriculum & Instruction report- Thank you for the addition of the part time secretary within the PRAVA program. I will be going to Staples for the Early Literacy Leaders Academy on Wednesday. The math resource team is working to complete inventory reviews and to analyze next steps. HEARD Monthly Facilities Director Report- We need Custodians, we are short several positions in each building and are hopeful to get those positions filled. We walked the roofs, and we have several leaks, and they are looking pretty good. We are working with roofers to get these patched up. HEARD Monthly Special Education Directors Report – We are working through the interview process and for Itinerant positions. We are looking at program plans and training needs for next year. Also, starting to look at packing and moving from Frank White to Century. HEARD New Business a. End of the school year calendar adjustment – Recommend that our last student contact day be Tuesday May 24th so that staff can pack on the 25th and move on the 26th. Carlson/Hoyt b. Motion for the proposed termination of probationary employee Dodge/Pike c. Approve Second Reading Park Rapids Area High School 2022-2023 Panther Tracks Registration Book Carlson/Kocka d. Approve Tennis Court, Construction document submission as presented Dodge/Pike e. Approve Secondary, Schematic Design submission as presented Hoyt/Pike f. Approve Century, Schematic Design submission as presented Dodge/Carlson REVIEWED Enrollment DONATIONS received and Appreciated TO Park Rapids Band Department FROM Kirsten Edevold AMOUNT/ITEM Alto Saxaphone ($200) TO Park Rapids School District FROM PREAF AMOUNT/ITEM See list Below HEARD Board Report – North Country Vocational Meeting will be April 12th. HEARD Superintendent and Board Review Evaluation Report ADJOURN at 7:38 PM Dodge/Pike • $400 – High School Phy Ed – hockey unit equipment • $1,400 – Softball – bats, balls, helmets, and equipment bags • $10,000 – Baseball - new batting cage for the high school • E-sports - $2,200 – computer • Track - $1,500 – poles for pole vaulting • $1,500 – Post prom • $2,000 – Boys’ Golf – transportation • $2,000 – Girls’ Golf – rain gear • $550 – Christine Sauer - flexible seating • FFA - $3,080 – ties, scarves, banners, & study resources for our teams in Parliamentary Procedure, Meats, Poultry, Nursery Landscape, and Floriculture career development. Total: $24,630 (April 20, 2022) 53300