Park Rapids Area School Board MINUTES Mo

Park Rapids Area School Board MINUTES Monday, November 15th, 2021 6:00 PM FWEC Community Room Chairperson Safratowich Called the Meeting to order. Members present and order to vote were Carlson, Dodge, Hoyt, Pike, Kocka & Safratowich. Principals Jeff Johnson, Mike LeMier and Shawn Andress were present, along with Superintendent Lance Bagstad, Business Manager Kent Fritze, as well as staff and community members. RECITED Pledge of Allegiance APPROVED AGENDA AND ADDENDUM – Dodge/Pike PRESENTED Student of the Month for November – Abby Morris RECOGNIZED State Tennis Participants RECOGNIZED State Cross Country Participants APPROVED Consent Items: Kocka/Carlson a. Approve payments Presented for November 2021 b. Approve Minutes of the November 1st, 2021 Working Board Meeting c. Approve Minutes of the November 5th, 2021 Special Board Meeting d. Approve Resignation – Adam Gudmundson, Bus Driver e. Approve Posting 2 Elementary Special Education Para Positions f. Approve Purchase of Service for School Psychologist with WHA g. Approve Contract of Service for Sue Cutler School Psychologist h. Approve Updated Pawn Special Education Agreement including Up North Learning Center HEARD Monthly Superintendent Report- November 2nd was a big day we have some resolutions for bonding starting in December and getting things ready in January. We will have a kickoff meeting next week for our next phase of Project309. Thanks for approving more School Psych HEARD Monthly Business Manager Report- We are working on truth and Taxation and with the referendum passing those number will change. We are looking at a large increase in our food prices and we have to worry about the supply that out there. HEARD Monthly Principals’ Report LeMier – Thank you for the extra Para support for more and more needs that are coming about. Thanks to Alan and his staff for doing a great job. We are looking toward the next trimester and programing for the needs of our students. Andress – We are working on getting our assessment date put together and those things are going well. We had our first ALICE drill last week and we are looking into how that went. We have end of the trimester things going on. We had several students honor our veterans last week and we have a Great Wall to honor those veterans. Johnson – Last week we had a great post secondary fair and that was very successful. Mrs. Kuehn’s hospitality class was a large part in this and did a great job. We have finals next Monday and Tuesday and we will get rolling into Trimester 2. HEARD Monthly Activities Director Report – Congrats to our State swimmers we are going to celebrate them Wednesday with a pep fest. We have had winter sports starting this week and next week. We had a great turnout for our fall play and we are excited to see how they do in the winter. HEARD Director of Curriculum & Instruction report- We are wrapping up trimester 1. We have some students that are transitioning back to regular school as well as some that will be transferring to the PRAVA program. We are working with our reading literacy academy for our littlest learners. We are working on our Math literacy academy students and staff as well. HEARD Monthly Facilities Director Report- We are replacing a well pump shed so that we can keep things going. We are working on cleaning up the snow. HEARD Monthly Community Ed Directors Report- We are working on Family fun night in mid December. Kirsten is working on fun activities for our century adventures kids for the non-school day next Wednesday. We are looking for items for the upcoming brochure. HEARD Monthly Special Ed Directors Report – Thank you for your approval in all of our positions and purchase of service that are happening. I have been looking at our extra support for our students as well as our staff. We are looking toward our child count which will drive our funding. We are working with our regional reps to find some support staff. HEARD New Business a. Approve District Revenues and Expenditures Budget for FY 2021 and FY 2022 Dodge/Carlson b. Approve District Office Staff Contract for 2021-2023 Carlson/Pike c. Approve Buildings & Grounds Supervisor Contract for 2021-2023 Dodge/Kocka d. Approve Director of Special Education Contract for 2021-2023 Carlson/Pike REVIEWED Enrollment DONATIONS Received and Appreciated TO Park Rapids School FROM PREAF AMOUNT/ITEM See below ADJOURN at 6:38 Dodge/Pike SUMMER ALLOCATIONS: Savannah Lunak - 2nd Grade - 3-8cube organizers, 24 cube storage bins $240.00 Kristen Poehler - 2nd Grade - fabric markers, classroom canvas quilt, poster, classroom bins $120.28 Caitlin Djonne - 7/8th Science - screen printing equipment for HEX class on design $412.00 BPA - Fall Leadership conference $1,000.00 Girls Tennis - practice and match tennis balls $1,320.00 Football hand-shields for offensive/defensive line $259.33 Football uniforms $3,000.00 Cross Country - uniforms for 40 kids, grades 7-12 $2,500.00 Volleyball - HUDL software subscription $1,500.00 Girls & Boys Track - move shot put and discuss, new discuss ring cage $4,800.00 TOTAL: $15,151.61 FALL ALLOCATIONS: Vicki Schroeder – clothing closet - $100.00 Girls & Boys Basketball – Dr. Dish shooting machine $5000.00 FFA – Convention costs - $2500.00 Kristen Poehler – phonics puzzles - $84.30 BPA – Leadership conference registration - $1,000.00 Esports - $2,500.00 Gymnastics – balance beam padding - $950.00 Boys Hockey – skate sharpening machine - $1500.00 TOTAL: $13,634.30 GRAND TOTAL: $28,785.91 (Jan. 8, 2022) 20655