Park Rapids Area School Board Meeting Mi

Park Rapids Area School Board Meeting Minutes Monday January 23rd, 2023 6:00 PM Frank White Education Center – Community Room Chairperson Safratowich called the Meeting to order. Members present and order to vote was Morgan, Diekmann, Hoyt, Pike, Kocka & Safratowich. Principals Jeff Johnson & Mike LeMeir were present, as well as Business Manager Kent Fritze and Superintendent Lance Bagstad along with staff and community members. RECITED the Pledge of Allegiance APPROVED Agenda and Addendums as presented. Kocka/Pike HEARD Student of the month for January – Maria Wagner HEARD Bond Presale Report – Ehlers - ADDENDUM APPROVED Consent Items as follows: Hoyt/Kocka a. Approve payments Presented for January 2023 b. Approve Minutes of the January 9th, 2023 Re-Organizational Board Meeting c. Approve Student Activities Quarterly Report d. Approve Resignation – Darla Smith, Paraprofessional, Effective 2/16/2023 e. Approve Resignation – Kerry Johnson, Student Council Advisor, Effective end of 2022-2023 SY f. Approve New Hire – Misty Villarreal, Sped Paraprofessional, Middle School g. Approve New Hire – Jeb Sanford, Assistant Varsity Baseball Coach h. Approve Posting for School Health Specialist i. Approve Teacher Lane Changes Name Previous Lane New Lane Jesse Bucholz BA/4 BA20/4 Emily Haen BA10/3 BA20/3 Alicia Hillesland MA30/12 MA45/12 Katelyn Kannegiesser BA/4 BA10/4 Chris Kirchner MA30/9 MA45/9 Annie Lehrke-Minske MA30/10 MA45/10 Kim Lembcke MA30/12 MA45/12 Krystal Murphy BA/4 BA10/4 Jana Oatis BA/1 BA10/1 Terry Schroeder MA/12 MA10/12 Kathy Wiederin MA10/12 MA30/12 HEARD Monthly Student Council Report – Next week we will have Snowdays with dress up days, coronation, broomball tournament and a dance to end the week. HEARD Monthly Superintendent Report-Bid opening Tomorrow at 2:00 in the auditorium. We will be watching what the governor puts out for our legislature. We have coffee time with Ed on Thursday and we are watching inflation rates on our building project. HEARD Monthly Business Manager Report- We are working with Ehler’s on the sale of the bonds. As well as going out for bids on our insurance. HEARD Monthly Principals’ Report Johnson – We are switching to a new career navigator called YouScience which will be great tool for the upcoming weeks of looking at what students want to do in the future. This also gets us looking at programming for next year. We have a E-learning day and early out day Wednesday as well as BPA competition during the day that day. Lemier – January has been busy with a trip to the movie theater as well as the spelling bee this last week. We will be looking at our benchmarks on Wednesday during our early out. May 12th we are looking at Field Day and we are making a plan for staffing and programming for next year. HEARD Monthly Activities Directors Report – I sent in our application to the Heart of the lakes conference. Band concert tonight. Everyone has something going on this week, we are traveling everyday. Things are busy as we look toward sub section and section tournaments. HEARD Monthly Community Education Report – Winter brochure went out at the beginning of January. Trips are booming and things are filling up fast. Century adventures is busy and they are planning some trips in the near future. HEARD Monthly Facilities Director Report- We are working with the high school to clean things out and purge things to make room for people moving in. We are scrapping sidewalks and parking lots when the weather is nice. HEARD Monthly Transportation Director Report- February is a tough month. We need to start planning to purchase a Van so that we have more type 3 vehicles so that we have more opportunities to pick up students as well as more people to drive those vehicles. HEARD Monthly Director of Curriculum and Instruction Report – PRAVA parents and students attended conferences this last week. We have students participating in fastbridge testing. We have reading and math teachers attending some training and working on plans for the future. HEARD Monthly Special Education Directors Report- U of MN Moorhead has a grant that we are looking to apply for and get some funds from. We are working on gaining knowledge about our students as well as programming for students that need it. HEARD New Business: a. Approve Resolution directing administration to make recommendations for adjustments in curriculum, programs and staffing for 2023-24 SY. Diekmann/Pike REVIEWED Enrollment DONATIONS RECEIVED AND APPRECIATED TO FROM AMOUNT/ITEM Shalom Grandy $440/Sensory and Tactile Reading Material PRAS/Tia Kocka Greater Northwest EMS 15 Stop the Bleed Kits & Narcan PRAS/Tia Kocka North Country Vocational Co Op $8,802/Misc. Supplies Century Elem/Mr Hilden St. Cloud State University 3D Printer on Loan RECOGIZED Paraprofessional Week this week. ADJOURN at 6:41 Kocka/Morgan (Feb. 15, 2023) 194164