Park Rapids Area School Board Meeting Mi

Park Rapids Area School Board Meeting Minutes Monday October 17th, 2022 6:00 PM Frank White Education Center – Community Room Chairperson Safratowich called the Meeting to order. Members present and order to vote was Dodge, Carlson, Hoyt, Pike, Kocka & Safratowich. Principals Jeff Johnson & Mike LeMeir were present, along with Superintendent Lance Bagstad along with staff and community members. RECITED the Pledge of Allegiance APPROVED Agenda and Addendums as presented. Dodge/Pike HEARD Student of the month for October – Morgan Koppelman HEARD Project 309 Update – See new business items A and B APPROVED Consent Items as follows: Hoyt/Kocka a. Approve payments Presented for October 2022 b. Approve Minutes of the October 3rd, 2022 Working Board Meeting c. Approve Resignation – Kenny Hemenway, Custodian Middle School d. Approve First Reading – Type III Driver Job Description e. Approve Education Minnesota – Park Rapids Seniority List for 2022-23 School Year f. Approve AFSCME Seniority List for the 2022-23 School Year g. Approve BPA Fundraiser, Local Sponsors, to decrease cost for State and National participants. h. Approve cooperative agreement with Walker-Hackensack-Akeley for Boys Hockey - Table until next meeting i. Approve New Hire – Lisa Turek, Elementary Paraprofessional – ADDENDUM j. Approve New Hire – Kayla Jensen, High School Paraprofessional – ADDENDUM k. Approve Out of State Travel – Shane Graham, to Portland, Oregon from January 18th – 20th with the BSU Science Department for Physics Concurrent enrollment. - ADDENDUM HEARD Monthly Student Council Report – In September we had homecoming and great participation. For the month of October, we are looking at a costume contest for Halloween. HEARD Monthly Superintendent Report- In 3 weeks it is Election Day, we have some school board members up for election on November 8th. You should have received an email about our Logo and to narrow down a common logo for how we can define Park Rapids. We are still working on Project 309 details with several get togethers over the next few weeks. MREA conference is coming up for the 3-day conference in Brainerd. HEARD Monthly Business Manager Report- We are really close to wrapping up the audit, she will be here next meeting to present her findings. I’m watching budgets to see what those look like for the year. HEARD Monthly Principals’ Report Johnson – We have been meeting to make sure we can collaborate with the 7th and 8th graders that will be coming over. We had mid trimester last week with Conferences happening last Wednesday. We will have an NHS program happening next week. Mercil – Our PTA fundraiser is coming to an end, and we have met our goal. Mr. LeMier will be a human Ice Cream Sunday on Wednesday at our pep fest as a reward for raising those funds. We are working on scheduling conferences for mid-November. We are working on getting our Targeted services number up. We are excited to see all the kids in the building now. We have about 65% of our students attending Church School. Frank – We wrapped up our conferences and will make sure to reach out to those students that need to increase their grades. We are currently down 47% in discipline referrals from the beginning of the year. HEARD Monthly Activities Directors Report – We are well into sections for the fall season. We are about one month from winter sports starting. HEARD Monthly Community Education Report – We had our first preschool screening at the end of September. We average 90 students at century adventures each day. The have 98 people on the buses heading to Boston. HEARD Monthly Facilities Director Report- We are getting ready for Winter. We will be winterizing all things once football is over. HEARD Monthly Transportation Director Report- Our buses are full. We have a lot of students on our busses we have had to change out several busses to fit more students. We have some more HEARD Monthly Director of Curriculum and Instruction Report – We did conferences with our students in the PRAVA world and that went well. We are working on PLC goals district wide and that is going well. We have some training going on for ELLA and for our MATH program. HEARD Monthly Special Education Directors Report- We are working with an online Psychologist position which is going well. We are very busy with all of the needs of our students, and we have several new referrals coming in too. HEARD Food Service Directors report – Our lunch serving numbers are up this year. We are potentially looking at increasing our compensatory revenue by offering free December, we are hoping to add that to our next board agenda. HEARD New Business: l. Approve entering into contract via cooperative purchasing with NorSon for the Bus Garage – PEMB package and Shell in the amount of $1,243,909.36 – Carlson/Kocka m. Approve entering into contract via cooperative purchasing with Midwest Playgrounds for the Century Playground needs in the amount of $395,385.00 Hoyt/Dodge REVIEWED Enrollment DONATIONS RECEIVED AND APPRECIATED TO FROM AMOUNT/ITEM Park Rapids School Northwest MN Foundation $5000 Century Elementary/Mrs. Brandt 2 $100 Gift cards for Ed. Resources Park Rapids School/ALC Randi Menten School and Personal Hygiene supplies Park Rapids School PREAF Allocations See attached SET date for Superintendent and Board Review – Meeting review after the board meeting on November 7th. ADJOURN at 6:50PM Dodge/Kocka Molly Aukes – Elementary Phy Ed - $500 Abby Jasmer – 2nd grade - $103 Kristen Poehler – 2nd grade - $240 Nicole Brandt – Kindergarten - $360 Angie Kuehn – BPA - $1,000 Cross Country - $2,000 – uniforms Football - $2,000 – uniforms Tennis - $1,320 – tennis balls Weight Room - High School - $1,421 – equipment Volleyball - $2000 – HUDL & volleyballs **$500 donation to each sporting team that wishes to purchase HUDL for 2022-2023 school year** ($2,500)34 Gymnasics - $1500 – balance beam Wrestling - $10,000 – wrestling mat Boy’s Basketball - $2000 – 7th & 8th grade jerseys E-sports - $1,500 Kristen Poehler - $150 – snowshoes Casey Swenson - $606.85 – behavior & sensory intervention items Mike Hartung - $1500 – camera lens Post Prom - $1500 Tanya Miller - $300 – drama class Boy’s Hockey - $1500 – livestreaming TOTAL: $34,000.85 (Jan. 18, 2023) 162283