ORDINANCE NO: 617 AN ORDINANCE AMENDING CHAPTER 50: WATER AND SEWER The City Council of the City of Park Rapids does ordain that (new material is underlined; deleted material is struck; sections which are not proposed to be amended are omitted; and sections which are only proposed to be renumbered are only set forth below as to their number and title): Water and Sewer § 50.09 BILLING AND PAYMENT. (A) When payment due. Bills for water service charges shall be rendered on a monthly basis succeeding the period for which the service was rendered and shall be due 20 days from the date of rendering. Any bill not paid in full 20 days after the due date will be considered delinquent. At that time the city shall notify the delinquent owner/occupant in writing regarding the delinquent bill and subsequent penalty. The penalty shall be computed as 10 % of the unpaid balance and shall be ‘increased the same 10 % for every billing that is outstanding. (B) Fractional months. In all cases where water is furnished for a period of a fraction of a month, the minimum monthly charge shall be payable. (C) Unread meters. Should the meters not be accessible or for any other reason not be read during the period designated, a bill shall nevertheless be rendered for the proper fixed or service charge, for the period, and subsequent readings shall be equitably adjusted. (D) Shut off. The fixed service rate will be charged as long as the meter remains in service. In response to a written request by the owner or authorized agent asking that the water be shut off and the meter removed, the city will proceed to comply with the request and the service charge will cease on the date when the meter is removed. (Prior Code, § 62-34) (Ord. 341, passed 2001) This Ordinance shall take effect upon its passage and publication. Passed by the City Council of the City of Park Rapids, Minnesota, this 25th day of October 2022. (Nov. 5, 2022) 118526