NOTICE OF PUBLIC HEARING HUBBARD COUNTY HIGHWAY DEPARTMENT TRANSIT SALES & USE TAX AND 5-YEAR IMPROVEMENT PROGRAM Notice is hereby given that two public hearings will be held by the Hubbard County Board of Commissioners on June 6, 2022 and June 8, 2022, regarding the continuation of the Transit Sales & Use Tax for Roads in an amount of one half of one percent (0.5%), to be dedicated exclusively to address Hubbard County Road Projects, pursuant to Minn. Stat. §297A.99 & §297A.993, included in the County’s Proposed Five-Year Road Plan. The public hearings will both begin at 7:00 p.m. The hearings will be held in the Board Room (3rd Floor) of the Hubbard County Government Center in Park Rapids on Monday, June 6, 2022 and at the Lake George Town Hall in Lake George on Wednesday, June 8, 2022. These hearings will be held pursuant to the Minnesota Action Plan and for the purpose of involving other agencies and the public in the identification of selected highway projects, project programming and project development. Proposed County road projects (improvements) may include the grading of roads, paving, overlays, road drainage improvements, bridge replacements or other needed projects that can be identified. Certain state and federal funds are available for the replacement of key county and township bridges. Officials of the townships which have deficient bridges are encouraged to attend. These meetings will also serve to establish the county and township bridge replacement program. Jed A. Nordin, P.E. County Engineer, Public Works Coordinator