FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Hubbard County’s proposed Deep Lake Park receives “High” ranking from the Greater Minnesota Regional Parks and Trails Commission (Park Rapids, MN, October 3, 2022) Hubbard County learned on Wednesday, September 28th that the Greater Minnesota Regional Parks and Trails Commission (GMRPTC) ranked their Deep Lake Park designation application as “high”. The high ranking moves the park project one step closer to being designated as having a regional significance which opens up funding sources through the GMRPTC. This is the county’s second attempt to achieve the high ranking. The county’s first designation application received only a medium ranking. The application’s regional significance statement reads: Hubbard County Deep Lake Park will offer a variety of activities that highlight the sites natural features. Summer hiking trails and winter ski/snowshoe trails will surround Deep Lake, where non-motorized water activities including canoeing/kayaking and fishing will be available. Camping opportunities will include remote sites, a tent and car campground, camper cabins, and RV camping. A network of mountain bike trails is planned as are trail connections to the North Country Trail and the Itasca-Heartland Connection State Trail. In their evaluation of the application the GMRPTC noted “This is a very ambitious plan on a wonderful piece of property. The County must be very careful in how aggressively they plan for phasing and final design to make sure they don’t overbuild or extend past their capacity. Be realistic on timelines and costs, so try to accomplish big impact/value projects first. The overall area has high quality natural resource recreation, as well as high levels of use, so consider the plan carefully with that in mind.” The next step in the process is to create a master plan for the park. The county has contracted with SRF Consulting out of Minneapolis to complete the master plan which should be completed sometime in October. HUBBARD COUNTY – PROVIDING HIGH QUALITY, COST EFFECTIVE PUBLIC SERVICE ### For more information about this topic please contact the Natural Resource Management Office, 218-732-4270 (Oct. 8, 2022) 108838