According to the Nevis School website data, there have been nine cases of COVID-19 in students so far this month, compared with four active student cases total reported in the first three months of 2020.

One staff case has been reported in April, to date.

“COVID-19 is making itself known again in our buildings,” Superintendent Gregg Parks said. “We are seeing it in our high school, and to a smaller extent, in our elementary. Most of our cases involved individuals who got together outside of school and managed to share it among each other. The down side for us is we have around 60 students who have had to quarantine as a result of close contact to a positive individual.”

Parks said he does not believe there has been community spread within the buildings. “Our staff continues to maintain high standards in regards to ensuring our mitigating protocols are in place.”

Since September, there have been 43 total confirmed cases out of 595 students and 17 confirmed cases among the 100 staff members.

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Parents whose child has COVID-like symptoms should keep the student home and follow other guidance on the school website.

“As the year comes to a close, we realize there are some major events, such as prom, spring activities and graduation, that could be influenced by an increase in the COVID numbers,” he said. “We ask all of our parents, students and community members to remain vigilant so these events are not compromised due to an outbreak.”

As of April 20, Park Rapids Area Schools are reporting no current active staff cases and four current active student cases. Total confirmed cases for the year are 38 of 311 staff and 85 out of 1,574 students.

Menahga School district nurse Stephanie Ness said there are no active student or staff cases of COVID-19 in their district at this time.

Enrollment at Menahga is 897 in PreK-12. There have been 31 positive student cases since September and 33 positive staff cases.