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Laporte Drama Camp a hit

Seventeen enthusiastic actors and actresses took the stage with great gusto June 8-11 at Drama Camp at Laporte  School.

Each day the second- to a ninth-graders joined in with drama warm-up games, painting huge refrigerator boxes for background set pieces (thanks, Walker Home Center), decorating a forest with flowers, trees, and birds, and rehearsing “Little Red’s Crazy Ride.”

Using each registered “camper,” Director Martha Vetter created a play in which each child would have lines! Two narrators — Becca Clyde and Lauryn Besoner — told the story of Little Red Riding Hood (sort of). The script took on many “crazy” turns!

On her way to Grandmother’s (Kortni Kerby) house, Little Red (Emily Marx) met a passel of characters from all sorts of fairy tales and movies!

Singing a rendition of “Tip Toe Through the Tulips,” (the campers had never heard of Tiny Tim), the verses were sung happily: “Tip toe through the forest/ through the forest/ that’s where we will go/ Come tip toe through the forest with us!”  And so, the crazy ride began.

Little Red’s weird mother (Lacy Lahr) made sure that Little Red had a basket full of goodies and sent her off! Who would have guessed that she would meet Dorothy (Trinity Stockinger) singing, looking for the Yellow Brick Road, and running from the Wicked Witch of the West (Jeana Taylor)!

Suddenly Three Little Pigs (Nayanna Littlewolf, Kate Shadrick, Piper Collum), fearing the Big Bad Wolf (Thomas Corson), ran to their houses, singing “Who’s Afraid....”

Who should appear but Olaf (Isaac Clyde), the Snowman! Worried that he was melting, he ran off looking for Elsa (Madison Tabake) who could freeze him! And chasing the snowman and the two sisters, Kristof (Thomas Corson) galloped in on Sven (Thomas’s voice)!

Grandma (Kortni Kerby) was getting really hungry. Looking for Little Red, she wondered where she was. Little Red was again waylaid when she met Prince Charming (Issac Clyde) who was in a hurry to find the “chick” he was dancing with, Cinderella (Tristin Stockinger). Soon she came running, wondering if the prince was “for real.”

Spiderman (Hayden Rettke) slithered in. Then, Goldilocks (Caitlyn Stute) skipped in planning to break in to the Three Bears’ house.

Some of the kids brought Halloween costumes from home, so they also met Little Red,  a wet suit swimmer (Piper), a wrestler (Hayden), Hulk (Isaac), Egyptian queen (Tristan), a witch (Trinity) and a waitress (Caitlyn).

Singing “Hi Ho, Hi Ho,” Snow White (Kate) and two dwarves (Piper and Nayanna) met Little Red in the forest. Finally, Little Red met the wolf and discovered that he was a really nice wolf.

Skipping to Grandmother’s house together,  they decided to be friends, rewrite the story, and share the treats in the basket.

In fact, the whole cast invited the audience to share the treats, too. Family and friends clapped, enjoying the production.  The camp and the play were a hit!