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‘Dixie Swim Club’ opens in Hubbard

“The Dixie Swim Club” cast includes Rhoda Jackson, Lisa Ann Davis, Roxann Yliniemi, Julie Kaiser, Jennifer Geraedts. (Submitted photo)

“The Dixie Swim Club” has surfaced on the Long Lake Theater stage.

Directed by longtime Long Lake Theater veteran Julie Kjenaas, this show guarantees belly laughs. “This is a chick flick for the stage and a gold mine of witty comebacks. It’s been very popular all over the country and I’m elated that we’re doing it this summer. Julie knows just what to do with a script like this,” says Bruce Bolton, theater manager

The play follows five women from a college swim team as they reconnect each summer at the North Carolina beach. They celebrate the joys and problems of children, marriage, career choices and aging, with a hurricane thrown in for good measure.

There are a few sight gags and outrageous situations, but most of the humor comes from the great writing of playwrights Jessie Jones, Nicholas Hope and Jamie Wooten.

Show times are 3 p.m. Wednesday and 7:30 p.m. Thursday through Saturday.

Long Lake Theater is south of Park Rapids, in the village of Hubbard.  Call 732-0099 or check out for tickets and more information.