Thematic music slated for Feb. 12 band concert


The Park Rapids Area High School band concert is 7 p.m. Monday, Feb. 12 in the auditorium.

"I'm eager to share this concert because the kids have worked hard and accomplished lots, but I also think it is full of music that is enjoyable to play and to listen to," said band director John Cook. "I rarely plan music around a theme, but this concert is very programmatic in nature. It is music that tells a story or paints a picture in the listener's mind. Sometimes it tells a specific story, other times if gives an impression of a general idea. It can also sound almost as if it could serve as a soundtrack for a movie because the musical images are so strong."

Musical selections in Monday's program are as follows:

• "The Pioneers" by Jim Curnow, reminiscent of the prairie and westward expansion;

• "The Great Locomotive Chase" by Robert W. Smith depicts steam locomotives racing as it tells a true story of hijacked trains and sabotaged rails during the Civil War and General Sherman's march to the sea;

• Highlights from the movie "Up;"

• "Chant and Savage Dance" by Brian Balmages;

• "Syncopated Clock" by James Ployhar

• "Salvation is Created" by Pavel Tschesnokoff;

• "Zoot Suit Riot" as recorded by Cherry Poppin' Daddies.

The concert will also feature the jazz band.