The Nemeth Art Center (NAC) will host an exhibit by Minneapolis-based artist Alexa Horochowski, starting July 20 and ending Sept. 29.

The opening reception celebrating Alexa Horochowski's artwork will be held from 5 to 7 p.m. Saturday, Aug. 25.

Her NAC exhibition will explore the uneasy relationship between ecological sustainability and the market forces driving farm production.

Horochowski describes her NAC exhibit: "The installation will include three distinct areas. In the center, I will deploy a grid of vertical, monumental, figural sculptures the viewer can meander through as if in an amplified, uprooted corn field. Another area will include a multitude of reclaimed pitchforks, welded to abstracted figural forms and leaning on the wall suggesting populist movements and labor. A third area will include cast bronze farming caps with the logos of chemical industries, such as Monsanto whose technological advancements result in higher yields and profits without a commitment to sustainable, ecological models."

A McKight Foundation and Bush Fellowship winner, Horochowski is bilingual in Spanish and English and a dual citizen of Argentina and the U.S. She holds a Master of Fine Arts from the University of Michigan and is a sculpture professor at St. Cloud State University.

Horochowski's sense of geographic space has been formed by opposing landscapes - the desolate Patagonia of the Atlantic Coast of Argentina where she grew up and the fertile prairie and woods of the Midwest where she lives now.

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