Two four-by-four-foot mosaics were installed at the Hubbard County Developmental Achievement Center (DAC) Wednesday.

The DAC received $1,305 from the Region 2 Arts Council (R2AC) to create matching mosaics with Nevis artist Marsha Wolff.

The first mosaic features three geese; the second a dragonfly with flowers.

Both staff and DAC clients worked on the mosaics.

Deputy Mayor Erika Randall spoke at the July 11 dedication ceremony, saying the DAC has a very large presence within the city, both in terms of number of employees and clients. "We, as a city, are very proud to have them as a partner here in the city."

Wolff said the experience was "so fun. It was like full circle for me, having worked here many, many, many years ago and many of the same people are still here." She noted her son, Jason, went to the DAC, "so this is like coming home."

DAC Executive Director Laura Johnson said, "I think we can all agree this was an amazing experience for the employees and the artists who worked on it."

The mosaics are beautiful, Johnson said, "and to know that so many people in the room had a part in creating it. Art is such a healing medium - whether it's music or painting or drawing. In the last couple of years, we've really ramped up our arts program."

Assistant DAC Director Gail Leverson and Wolff applied for the R2AC grant.

Johnson said staff are already busy planning another art project.