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Tamarac announces photo contest winners

Rod Anton of Lake Park captured "Muskrat Munchies," the Refuge manager's and the editor's choices. (Submitted photo)

The beauty and spirit of Tamarac National Wildlife Refuge was once again captured by visitors in many ways. This year there were 33 participants and a record of 85 entries submitted for the annual photo contest.

A total of three entries could be submitted by each participant. The categories were: Wildlife, Plant Life, Recreation, Nature's Abstracts and Scenic.

The grand prize winner, "Sunset and Lace" was taken by Pam Lehmann of Callaway. Rod Anton of Lake Park captured "Muskrat Munchies" the Refuge manager's choice and the editor's choice.

Photographs taken by children, 12 and younger, were also recognized.

The annual photo contest provides Tamarac the opportunity to increase its photo collection used to promote the refuge and its mission. All photos may be used in public presentations at the refuge, in schools and for community organizations. Photos may also be utilized in brochures, exhibits and newspaper. The annual photo contest is co-sponsored by the Tamarac Interpretive Association, a nonprofit organization whose mission is to facilitate activities and programs that interpret, protect and restore the natural and cultural resources of the refuge.