Some find comfort in predictability. Others are energized by change. You can find plenty of both at the Park Rapids Area Library.

Each October, we hang the banner announcing National Friends of the Library Month.

Like clockwork, the Friends assemble every Tuesday to sort books and prepare for the upcoming book sale. At the sale, the Friends, uniformed in matching red t-shirts, cheerfully greet you, answer questions and help gather your purchases into bags or boxes.

The group meets at 9:30 a.m. on the first Thursday of the month to conduct business, and members share words of wisdom just before the meeting is adjourned.

But even with the steady rhythm of meetings and repeated tasks, there are changes for the Friends and for the library. New members join, bringing different skills and new perspectives. Different projects arise with new funding requests. Recently, the Friends of the Library purchased books for our 1,000 Books Before Kindergarten Project.

The library, and our community are fortunate to have the support of the Friends of the Library. We are glad they are willing to embrace new ventures, and we are always grateful for new membership.

Life at the library is a constant blend of old and new. You can depend on a steady flow of patrons checking out materials and using the computers, printers, copiers, scanners and the fax machine. You can plan on story time on Friday mornings at 10:30 a.m. You can know that our dedicated staff will do their best to serve you. You can’t, however, assume that the person helping you will always be a familiar face. We’ve recently said goodbye to members of our staff who were moving into new life phases, and welcomed different employees to fill their positions.

Since their inception, libraries have been houses for books. They still are. Our library issued 42 new library cards in the month of September! Those cards are used to access books, music, and movies from Park Rapids and other branches of Kitchigami Regional Library System. They’re also used to check out digital materials through the Cloud Library.

But libraries today are so much more than repositories. When properly utilized, they are a community hub providing equal opportunity to all. They are a safe place for temporary escape from extreme heat or cold. They are a meeting place for friends, and a place to read and play with your children without having to spend any money.

At the Park Rapids Area Library, we strive to create programs and host events that will enrich our patrons and our community. We work to form partnerships with other organizations in order to optimize our positive impact. We make our best effort to continue offering the services our patrons love, while adding opportunities for new experiences. Come see us soon! We’ll be waiting with an old-fashioned welcome! To learn about upcoming events, send us an email at and ask us to put you on the list to receive event notifications.