Garth Brooks had to know one concert would not be enough for his huge Minnesota fan base.

So when tickets to his May 4 concert sold out Friday in under an hour, leaving 50,000 people empty-handed, he teased fans on Twitter about maybe adding a show.

“When I heard the number of people still waiting to get tickets was greater than the number of people who did. I was blown away!!!,” Brooks tweeted. “I have some ideas Minneapolis! Thank YOU for loving the music!! Stay tuned, we have something in store for you!!!”

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Fans took to Twitter expressing their dismay, reminding Brooks about the unprecedented 11 concerts he did at the Target Center in 2014, selling 205,000 tickets. The Target Center has a 19,356 capacity.

Even Gov. Mark Dayton made an official appeal to Brooks to extend his stay at US Bank Stadium, which can seat up to 66,655.

“Our state-of-the-art stadium is the perfect place to host fans from across Minnesota and the upper Midwest for one more outstanding concert performance,” he said. “We would love for Garth to spend the weekend in Minneapolis, where Minnesotans and fans across the region would surely welcome him with open arms.”

Brooks responded to Dayton’s tweet with a virtual handshake deal.

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After tickets sold out Friday, fans poured their hearts out to Brooks on Twitter.

“Garth, we love you in Minneapolis but it was very disappointing to wait in the waiting room on 4 different computers, then told site crashed and then told sold out,” posted Brad Haasch @JBHaasch

“@garthbrooks how many shows will Garth be hosting in Minnesota? There is no way that it’s only one! He knows that he could still sell out 11 shows here!” posted John Alexander @alexandersigns

Some expressed their frustration with Ticketmaster.

“@Ticketmaster what a joke, I was in the waiting room for @garthbrooks tickets in Minneapolis at 9:03, waited for over and hour and a half and was told it sold out, yet people who logged in after me in the queue got tickets! #supersadwife,” posted Nick Miller @miller8528

A few couldn’t help but hoot about their good luck.

“OMG I FINALLY get to see @garthbrooks perform for the 1st time in Minnesota on May 4th!! Woohoo dreams do come true!! I’m beyond EXCITED! Can’t wait! Going to be unforgettable!” posted Brenda Libby @B_Libby

Others appealed directly to Brooks, offering to feed him, host him, expressing sob stories about why he should give them tickets and begging him to do more shows.

When Brooks responded, they were ecstatic.

“So frickin happy!!” posted @RaeFromMN. “Please Please Please make this happen!!!!!”