Headwaters Center for Lifelong Learning (HCLL) released its fall program schedule, which begins at 1 p.m. Tuesday, September 5 at its new venue, Park Theatre.

Board President Marty Leistikow observes, "The fall lineup has a fascinating variety of engaging topics, knowledgeable speakers, and opportunities for learning."

She notes that when the HCLL organization learned the Armory Square would not be available for the fall series, negotiations with Park Theatre owners Pam and Scott Wilson produced an agreement to use the comfortable facilities on the first block of Main Avenue.

HCLL, a nonprofit educational organization that has presented programs free of charge since 2001, will use the large theater with seats for 150 attendees. Bottled water and light refreshments will be provided by HCLL, with hot chocolate, cappuccino and candy for sale at the theater.

All programs are held Tuesdays from 1 to 2:30 p.m. There is no charge to attend.

A change in the registration process at the sign-in table will expedite sign-in. Instead of waiting in line to access a list, attendees will fill out a card just once during the series.

The schedule is as follows:

• Sept. 5: "The Norse Code-Stone Mystery Explained." Using slides and video, Bob Voyles will explain why he believes the Code Stone he found near Appleton, Minn. was likely placed as a Scandinavian land claim.

• Sept. 12: "Confronting Domestic Abuse." Amy Workman, director of Headwaters

Intervention Center, highlights the Center's mission to "search for non-violent alternatives to empower victims."

• Sept. 19: "Charles Lindbergh: Triumph, Tragedy and Controversy." Historian David Jones uses the 90th anniversary of the New York to Paris flight to explore Lindbergh's many-faceted life.

• Sept. 26: "21st Century Propaganda: Understanding Today's Media System." Jeff Nygaard, "Nygaard Notes" newsletter author and Star Tribune contributor who has a working-class background, offers an original analysis of "the media's propaganda system." This program is cosponsored by the League of Women Voters, who will hold a follow-up session at Northwoods Bank that evening at 6:30 p.m. for further discussion.

• Oct. 3: "Peering Into the Vault with Sherlock Holmes." Librarian Tim Johnson of the University of Minnesota unlocks a view of the university's world-class Sherlock Holmes collection.

• Oct.10: "Living With Turks." Dr. Bruce Privratsky, author of the book "Muslim Turkistan" about Islam in Central Asia, lived in Turkey for many years and provides insight into U.S.-Turkey relations.

• Oct.17: "Wild Rice and Native American Heritage." Simon Zornes, an accomplished Native American artist, will share connections with the natural world that are central to Native American experience, creativity and culture.

• Oct.24: "Racial Disparity in the U.S.," a 2017 Public Broadcasting System video, provides interviews representing many segments of the population, which explore the knotty problem of race relations.