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Past, present law enforcement supports Dearstyne

We write this letter in support to re-elect Don Dearstyne for County Attorney. We support Dearstyne because he has done a great job over the last four years in the County Attorney's office. We have known Dearstyne for thirteen years and have watched him in court. He has always been prepared and effectively represented his clients, the citizens of Hubbard County. Dearstyne is the only candidate who has tried criminal cases to a jury both as a prosecutor and a defense attorney. Dearstyne is a good manager. Not only has he reduced office spending he has increased revenue to the County $40,000 per year through a contract with the city of Park Rapids for prosecution of their criminal cases. Hubbard County needs a County Attorney with trial and management experience; Dearstyne is the only candidate with these qualifications. We support the re-election of Don Dearstyne for Hubbard County Attorney.

Terry Eilers, Park Rapids

Police Chief

Larry Johnson, Retired Hubbard County Sheriff

Ray Ball, Retired Hubbard County Deputy